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Do you ask questions on Fluther that you know you can find faster on google but ask the fluther community anyway?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) September 29th, 2010

I do this because I like the fluther atmosphere and hearing other peoples opinions instead of going straight to the facts.

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Not intentionally. There was one question I asked that I couldn’t find the answer to on the internet. Someone else did. It took one response, and that was good enough for me.

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Not generally. I don’t have very good Google-Fu, though, so others often do answer my questions via a Google search.

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Just seems like wasting other people’s valuable time to me.

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Not usually. I found Fluther while Googling for an answer to a tech Q. If I find something that seems it would have a better answer I go there. I now come to Fluther primarily for the sheer interestingness and congeniality of it. And some Qs I have seem particularly suited to Fluther.

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I do! Like last week I think I asked a question that had something to do with Ugg boots. Before I was googling something about how they work but I still didnt believe it so I asked on Fluther. Also even though it may seem like am wasting other peoples time, it is actually very helpful and I find it really fun to read answer from other people.

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I might find something specific on Google, but being a tech-moron I might not know which of the 6 bazillion links to click on, so I appreciate that the Jellies are willing to help me out.
@Zyx ; If they choose to answer, maybe they don’t think it’s a waste of time.
@augustlan : Yeah, me too :-)

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No most of my questions are opinion questions

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No. I generally ask here as a last resort when it comes to factual things, like would you be able to see to the other side of a 1AU Dyson sphere.

Otherwise it’s a local or opinion thing, like nice roads to drive.

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No, i like questions about revelant issues concerning life’s joys! I’ve asked a lot of animal questions. Well, not a lot, but several.

If someone see Bob, tell him I need my yard mowed!

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I use it for the opposite reason. I ask questions that are tricky for google.

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I always use Google. But when I need the “human part” of the answer. Fluther is the way to go.

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I have a couple of times—I was tired and hoped someone else would find something for me. Someone did, and often it was something I never would have found for myself.

But mostly I ask questions that can only be answered with people’s personal experiences. I don’t think google can be very good at that. I suppose you could search blogs and other stories, but you’d most likely need to do something more sophisticated than a keyword search.

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YES!!! haha, such a good question (:

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No, not really. If I can find it on google, I’m going to google. If I need something further and google fails, I go to fluther.

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No. The sort of questions I ask are more like the “what do you think about…” questions. I’m more interested in trends and preferences than isolated facts.

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No Fluther gives more reliable and accurate answers.

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I don’t. Except,but rarely,when I want to compare the answers of this site with the answers of another site.

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I use google for serious searches, fluther for fun. But that’s just me. When I want to combine serious and fluther, I just look up Matt Browne’s questions.

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Your question already gave my answer for this, individual opinions most of the time.

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I will ask things here if I feel I can narrow down the answer quicker than googling it or if I did already try to research it and I either couldn’t clearly understand the answer because there was a lot of scientific jargon or I just couldn’t find it. Of course there are those question that are not based on fact but behavior. Researching them are not always the fasted way for me to find those answers. Especially since I have a better sense of how most people on here process their answers. I know which people are more practical in thought and those who are more empathetic and those who are open minded so I can weigh their answers according to their nature.

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