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How to get these thoughts out of my head?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) August 31st, 2010

One of the bridesmaids in my brother’s wedding (her family are long-time family friends of ours) and I were talking about a month ago. I mentioned that I’d be turning 14 soon, and she mentioned the life-changing car crash that she’d been in 15 days after her fourteenth birthday. She said it’d be interesting to see what happens to me that day. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about how much my life is changing lately. I can’t help but thinking if anything life-changing really will happen on that day. I’m not a superstitious person at all and I’m annoyed at myself for thinking like this. So how am I supposed to get rid of all these thoughts? Is it possible?

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Well, she’s just a peach for saying that, huh – don’t you worry, it’ll all be okay. I take this shadow off of you (trust me, I can do that).

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She planted that seed in your head and now you are dwelling on it. The only thing I can suggest is to quickly think of something else, anything, a song, a TV program, whatever, every time those thoughts pop in your head. The only way to really get this out of your mind is when that day passes.

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I was not in a car crash after my fourteenth birthday. Do you have reason to believe that what happened to me after my birthday will necessarily happen to you?
All jellies who were in a car crash fifteen days after their fourteenth birthday please form a line on the right. All who were not, please form a line on the left.

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I can’t even remember that far back.

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^ Me neither. Sigh Real sigh.

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You can’t get rid of the thoughts. Your mind thinks what it thinks. But you can stop paying so much attention to thoughts that are unhelpful. Just think the thought and let it go. Don’t try to stop it from being thought, but don’t obsess about it. Just think “that’s interesting. I’m doing it again. How odd!” Then go about your business, focusing on things important to you.

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@all – I’m not nervous, scared, or whatever. I don’t know why or how, but I know if anything happens it’ll be alright.

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I’m in the line to the left. I haven’t been in a car crash before or after any birthday, and I’ve had many more than fourteen.

However, it is interesting to watch your life changing and in fact to shape the changes in the direction you want them to go. Why not think about that?

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It’s been 49 years since I was 14. I can honestly say that there were no car crashes that changed my life. I have two 14 year old granddaughters, other than one of them dyed her hair blue, nothing much has changed in their live either.

Now the woman that was to be my future wife and I were in a car crash when we were 17. Other than her father being relieved that she wasn’t hurt, much, and at the same time very angry about her crashing his brand new Buick, it bought us closer together and we were married at 18. She still blames me for the crash because I distracted here. I, however argue that there is nothing that I did that would distracted her enough to miss seeing the bridge she hit. We’ve been married for 44 years. I guess that was life changing. Maybe you should dwell on that more than what that silly girl said.

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Just let yourself think about it, think long and hard but peacefully. Until you no longer have anything left to think about the situation. Then let the thoughts slip away.

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That girl was really kinda strange to say that…..I guess we all are.
Life happens everyday, not just 2 weeks after your birthday.
I dont want you to start worrying. Just be.

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Don’t worry about it ChocolateReigns. Statistically the number of 14yr olds who reach the 15th day after their birthdays and not had anything happen out of the ordinary vastly outnumber the 1 in a billion who did. You have nothing to worry about.

But if you are still stuck on the thought. think of it this way, life changing isn’t always a bad thing. the girl who scared you with this silly story seems to have turned out ok (other than she seems to enjoy tormenting teenagers, but that is probably not a result of her accident).

Life is full of changes. Most of the time though they are so subtle that we never even notice them until we are much older. Any changes in your life will undoubtedly pass by under the radar until you really think about it later once you’ve completed college or later. You’ll be fine, nothing happened to me, or my brother, or any of my other family members anywhere near their 14th birthday. good luck and enjoy your birthday!

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Dude, that chick who told you that was just trying to fuck with you. She prolly is the type of chick that loves to play mind games with her boyfriends and people in general. I mean that’s a little weird that she said, “it’ll be interesting to see what happens to you on that day.” I mean what does she think? That something “crazy” happens to everybody 15 days after their 14th Bday? The chick is nuts and you are too a little bit for letting this bother you… Just kidding! You’re not crazy! You’re special!

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Have you shared your feelings with your parent(s)? That’s who I’d go to. They are the ones who are there to help you through this until you overcome these thoughts.

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Wow. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Step one for getting rid of these thoughts would be to avoid her. Anyone who would try to plant thoughts like that in a kid’s mind is sick. Step two: don’t expect to fully get rid of those thoughts. Ever heard the saying, “Don’t think of elephants?” The more you try to forget or avoid the thought, the more it will plague you. Instead, approach the problem with logic, as others have done. Her expeirence was so random that it can’t be generalized to all 14-year-olds, or to you in particular.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Forgot to add that while that’s a good idea, not everyone has supportive parents that they can talk to about things like this. If that’s true of the OP, it is good that she came to us.

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@all Ooops, sorry if I gave you guys the wrong idea. I’m not at all scared or worried about this. I know it’s completely stupid to think anything like that would happen to me on that day just because it did for her. And we were just kind of joking around, she didn’t actually mean anything by it. I just let it get to me.

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