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Have you ever considered changing your first and/or last name? If so why, when did you do it and what to?

Asked by nebule (16439points) March 26th, 2009

And of course most importantly how did you decide what to change it to?

I’m thinking of changing my name you see….

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I’ve considered, at various points in my life, changing my last name. Why? Because my grandpa was “adopted” (not truly – he was literally bought because my grandpa’s parents were so poor) by a pedophile – and I do not want to continue using the last name. It’s technically not even a legal last name. I want to change my last name back to what it should be.

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I got teased a lot for my name, and wanted to change it, but then I became a singer, which means you get to pick whatever stage name you want, plus all the internet nicknames. I even have second alias for when I sing folk songs (or just want to go somewhere incognito). I have two different passports with two different official names.

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My surname you see here is not my birth surname, i have reasons why its changed and has been since i was 3 years old. Basically the sperm donor( biological father) was/is a total prick. Extremely long story

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I think at some point in my life I am going to change my name from Joseph to just plain Joe.

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I changed my name when I was married 22 years ago, by the end of April it will be my maiden name once again.

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I hate my last name. It sounds incredibly close to the word “Bogus.” I’m not sure if I’d go as far as changing it. Compared to my first name it’s so nice and easy to spell.

My nickname is Maddy. I’m not sure who first came up with that or decided to spell it that way, but that’s how it is. In 7th or 8th grade I decided for a while that I wanted to change it. I started spelling it Maddi. I think I just wanted to be able to do my I’s with hearts and other little cutesy things. That didn’t last very long and that’s the closest I’ve come to changing my name.

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No. So much so that my husband and child have MY last name ;)

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I was thinking of making it “Liz” legally instead of “Elizabeth,” but my babe likes “Elizabeth,” so I won’t. And, my last names changes when I marry.

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No because my last name is Johnson and I like it a lot!

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My first name is Paul, but a long time ago I started spelling it Pol. I think I just liked the aesthetics of the 3 letter word, made with two circles and two lines. It’s really grown on me, and I might even get it officially changed someday, even if it means that people will pronounce my name like pole. My friends already do.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with changing your name, as long as you aren’t relying on it to change your life or anything.

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My wife and I often talk about changing our lasts names so that we have the same one. I once joked that we should change our last names to McGillicutty cause I think it’s funny and it was Lucy’s maiden name. But I just kid. Maybe someday…

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I legally changed my first name when I was middle aged.

I had always anted to, because family lore said my parents did not like each other’s choice for a name. So they named me a compromise name that I don’t think anyone liked much.

It was a bit of an adjustment professionally, but people did adjust. Even my mother adjusted. No one in my family ever even thinks of me by my old name (I don’t either).

The only people who get stuck are people I knew years ago, but don’t see very often now. I can understand that.

I can only tell you I am really, really happy that I did it.

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I changed my first name in high school for a couple of years, and went back to my given name. My last name has changed three times, with each new husband. My son was adopted by my second husband, so his last name changed. When I married current hubby, son changed his first name, but not his last.

Mostly I go by Mom or Grandma, and Yarnlady.

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@Marina What was your name before?? I’m so curious haha

I recently changed my name. I got married in August and finally got around to changing my last name (such a hassle!) I added my husbands last name to my name…but kept my maiden name, as my last name. So I have two last names, no hyphen. I also technically have a last name as my middle name, so I have quite a long name. It suits me though.
I must admit, I keep forgetting to tell people my new last name, so I’m constantly just giving my maiden name…and people have to correct me!

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@casheroo I’ll never tell. ; )

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@Marina ohh, it was that bad ;) Understandable!

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@LouisianaGirl – My last name is Johnson, too, and I like it just fine. My first name is Jan’et and while I wanted to drop the little apostrophe when I was in high school, I didn’t and usually just write my name without it. I’m mostly called Aunt JJ by my friends’ kids or just JJ by friends my own age.
If I was to change my name, I’d pick my porn star name:
Frisky Chamberlayne your first pet and the street you grew up on

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I have only had my current name and my maiden name.

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I have always wanted to be “Sir” daloon. Alas, every time I try to process the paperwork to make it happen, they claim they lost it. Mayber they’re just tired of it. It seems that every third person in my town has had the same idea.

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My last name has changed 3 times. I was born with one last name, then my birth father gave up his rights and my new dad adopted me, so I got his last name. Then I got married and took that guy’s last name. Then we got divorced and I’m back to my adopted last name. It’s the biggest pain in the ass to change your name. Even if I were to get married again, I’m not sure I’d bother changing it.

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My poor daughter had a full spectrum of name choices. I was single when I had her so legally she has my maiden name. I always told her she could use her fathers name if she wanted to (His sounded much more classy than mine) Then I got married and she chose to go by my first husbands last name. Then he died and she chose to go by my second husbands last name. She was so happy when she got married and took on her husbands name. Less stress!

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Tell you what…I was married for 10 years, had 3 kids…..I was divorced for another 10, then remarried 3 years ago. It was freaky to me to have a last name different from my kids. I hated the thought. I told my son of my trepidation—I said, “I don’t want to change my name!!” and he said, “Wait…..I’ll still be calling you “Mom” won’t I?” :)

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I changed my name by deed poll 15 years ago. I had been divorced for about 5 years and felt that I wanted to reclaim myself, if that makes sense (it did to me at the time). I would like to make clear that my relationship with my former husband was more than amicable, I was not changing my name for any reason connected to him. I could have reverted to my maiden name but at the time it felt like a step backwards (I would not feel the same way today). I chose my new surname reasonably quickly. It is a male christian name which I have always liked and aside from that, it is entirely appropriate for other reasons. It is a Hebrew name and I have some Jewish heritage in my bloodlines. If I were thinking about making a similar decision today, I don’t think I would change my name at that point in my life because I had a 9 year old child and now think I should have retained the same surname as my child, just to give her some sense of continuity and seamlessness between us. And as I have already said, today I would be quite happy to adopt my maiden name once more.

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@essieness I have to agree, if I was ever to marry again I do not think I would change my name again. Not sure why I did the first time. I guess it was just the done thing in 1980 New Zealand society. Or perhaps it was simply the society of my peers?

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I used to think about it all the time until I got older and learned to appreciate how unique it is.
You don’t meet very many guys named Rip.

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@SABOTEUR, that is a cool name. A little intimidating, but in a cool way.

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@Judi You must be referring to SABOTEUR.
It’s supposed to be intimidating.
It’s the name of a board game piece used in Sabotage (a Stratego clone at

There’s nothing the least bit intimidating by my given name (Rip).

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I don’t know, “do what I say or I’ll send Rip after you!”
It sounds like a great name for a bouncer :-)

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@Judi Sounds more like my wife trying…unsuccessfully, I might add…frighten the children.

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My friends daughter changed her first name because she did not like the name ‘Diana” as it was not a good modelling name, since she was entering the modelling industry?
Then Lady Diana Spencer/Windsor became famous in life and then in death.
Her named resounded all over the world.Nobody thought that name was bad?

Then everyone wanted to name their children after her?
Not such a bad name after all.

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