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Can someone be 100% healthy?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) March 25th, 2008

i define healthy as being able to live long. so wouldnt someone who is 100% healthy live on forever? and we cant measure forever, because forever goes on into infinity, and humans do not. (we cannot see if that person dies, or even remember if he or she was living)

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A body is in a constant state of decay. There’s no such thing as perfect health. Age takes its toll. Its particularly visible in joins that are not intended to support bipedalism. As life gets longer, we see what happens when they get more and more wear that they can’t handle. Its not going to change, though, because by the time its really a problem people are usually beyond reproductive capabilities/likelyhood.

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there isn’t really a good reason that i can see to try and quantify one’s level health. But, to answer your question, I would say someone with 100% health is simply as healthy as one person can be. Therefore they have no detectable problems or issues with their body and they take preventative measures against potential problems, they’re in good physical condition, and good mental condition as well. You can’t say someone who is 100% healthy would live forever. Think of it this way. Your trying to fill a cup to max capacity so you fill it to the brim, right? You fill it as much as you possibly can (just like a person must be as healthy as they can be). Of course, it is impossible to fill it any further, just like it is impossible for someone to live forever. therefore, the cup is 100% full when filled to the brim. By your logic, the cup would not be 100% full unless we continued to fill it with all of the matter in the universe. Make sense? Or is there a flaw in my logic as well, lol

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I think 95% is about as good as you will get. anything more is just hype.

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sure, but the ironic thing would be them dying in a freak bicycle accident.

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8lightminutes away: think of the “if a tree falls in the foreest and noone is there to hear it” analogy. by the time we measure if that person is healthy or not, there will be no one to record how the person is doing.

to sum: if the tree keeps on growing, and theres no one to see the tree grow, then how do you know its growing?

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health is meant to be a ‘complete state of physical, mental and social well being, not just absence of infirmity’ (or whatever, that is what i remember from doing gcse pe)
but i dont really think its possible to have all of those perfect, especially all at once…
and the whole time we’re alive we’re getting closer to dying, so i guess even if you are healthy like above, it would be kinda hard to live forever… =)

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