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If you printed out a fake parking ticket, and clamped it under your wiper, so you could park for free, how likely is it for this ploy to succeed?

Asked by ragingloli (45301points) 1 month ago

Would the politesse be fooled?

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Wow! Brilliant idea. Would only work during the shift change for the bylaw officer. They would remember who got what parking tickets.

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I have done this at the university. While I don’t feel good about it, it worked and was justified as they sell more parking passes than there are spaces.

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Just take a parking ticket off another car. That’s what I always do,

The only problem is, the other person will receive two, and/but only know about one.

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I don’t see how it would work because the person patrolling would know if they issued a ticket or not. At least where I live that’s how it is. One person is designated an area to patrol. There is no shift change. Parking laws are in effect from 8am until 6pm. They usually drive by around 10:30am at the earliest to chalk tires, then return 2 hours later. Then they repeat the process.

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Zilch. not a chance. At least where I live, the police are online and they enter the location, license plate number, VIN, time and date, and those display on the printout that they place on your vehicle.

If you took one from someone else or printed out your own, the serial number and check digit would be wrong, as would the location (probably) and the timestamp. THen they’ll arrest you for fraud in addition to illegal parking.

Not a brilliant idea.

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Not likely Any cop or meter maid would spot the fake in a heartbeat and probably nail you for fictitious display, or something like that.
Honesty is always the best policy.

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Ohhh! Good idea!

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I’ve done this in college. It’s worked on occasion. And on other occasions, it hasn’t.

I wouldn’t try it with a fake one though.

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Sounds like an idea I just got to exchange licence plates begore you get caught. James bond had that addition to his car.

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Try it and tell us.

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They scan license plates now. I don’t know how quickly the database is updated but I would guess it is almost in real time.

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@Yellowdog That kind of unethical behavior doesn’t sound very Christian to me.

@LuckyGuy Yes. My friend had her car impounded for parking tickets in another town by a cop who scanned her license plate.

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@janbb It is fully automatic now. They just drive down the street and they have the info.
There are Mall cops who drive in the parking lots and give tickets for expired inspection. No need to look at the stickers.
Modern technology.

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