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Do you love dark chocolate as much as I do?

Asked by curlyz (1194points) September 1st, 2010

I love it!!! 70%, 80%...the stronger .. the better! Yum!!!

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I like it, but I prefer milk chocolate.

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The only milk chocolate I would eat, it’s “Dove”...but I hate everything else…

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No, I absolutely do not like it. It’s more overrated than Beethoven’s 9th. Now, don’t get me wrong, too much sweet white and milk chocolate requires me to drink a lot of water along with it. That kind of chocolate can be rich and overly sweet sometimes. But dark chocolate is bitter, leaves an awful taste in my mouth, and is not what I think of at all when I think of “candy” (especially really strong dark chocolate).

There is one instance where I like it: Milanos. :) But Milanos do not have very strong dark chocolate.

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I love dark chocolate the most. Absolutely. I will eat milk chocolate but whine to myself. And for some reason, I hate white chocolate.
Having said that, I believe that milk chocolate has its place. For instance, I don’t particularly like a dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup. And I don’t care for dark a chocolate Ferrero Rocher either. Dark chocolate m&m’s however, ROCK!

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@Trillian…mmm….now, I’m drooling..:)

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I used to despise the stuff, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve began to appreciate it more. Today I went for the dark chocolate mocha instead of the normal one, so I think that says something.

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I prefer milk chocolate. I agree that Dove milk chocolate is very good, it actually is darker than most milk chocolates. By the way in Memphis there is a local confectioner who has not to believe chocolates, their name is Dinstuhl’s the cashew crunch is fantastic too, and ships well. The only dark chocolate I like is on Mounds candy bar.

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I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, so yeah you probably like dark chocolate more than me.

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I like mild chocolate the most, then dark and white chocolate are tied.

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Nah, in fact i’m guessing i’m the Polar opposite Yummy!! :¬)

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@Seaofclouds I don’t see how white chocolate is even considered chocolate? I know it has fats from the cocoa bean, but still.

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@JLeslie ..I agree, white chocolate is one weird invention…:)

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I love dark chocolate…love it! :)

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I don’t care… Just give me some!

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I love all chocolate. Lindt white chocolate truffles are the best white chocolates. I think Lindt anything is the best. Swiss milk chocolate, and cadbury, are my favourite milk chocolates. I dunno, i’ll eat it all! But i almost always buy milk chocolate (because i almost always buy cadbury’s slabs). When i can afford to, i buy a box of mixed lindt truffles.

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@NaturallyMe Lindt in the red wrapper is so yummy. One of my favorites. Nothing similar in my mind.

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Lindt in the black wrapper…!!! i’m ready to eat the wrapper itself too LOL

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I love chocolate! Everything chocolate is soooo good!

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I like dark chocolate coverered raisens, and almonds. But I like milk chocolate best.

Mmmm….speaking of which I just enjoyed a very ‘special’ chocolate brownie, the occasional treat. lol

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See’s milk Chocolates are the best, but I love dark Chocolate (especially M&Ms).

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@Stasi… I make my own Dark Chocolate Fudge sauce for ice cream with coco nibs for that punch! It has to be at least 70% but my favorite is above 86%....

People go crazy for my coco nib chocolate cookies and btw- anything above 60% is not candy but a Health Food!!!

Ever had a chocolate pack???

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@JLeslie The one in the red wrapper is the plain milk one. :D They are like heaven to the tastebuds i tell ya. :)

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@phil196662… make your own?? .yuummmm…i’m so jealous!!!

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@phil196662 Sooooo…...are you going to give us the recipe, or just be a meanie and keep tantalizing everybody with your yummy chocolate fudge sauce??

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@NaturallyMe probably, it’s a SECRET recipe….....:)

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It’s easy- regular fudge sauce recipe but use one third less sugar, dark chocolate BUT fold the nibs at the end when you finish stirring so they stay as dots in the sauce for bursts of flavor.

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Serious chocoholic. Don’t really like white birch – white chocolate. I once made my own birthday cake – chocolate chip cake, with chocolate chip icing and chocolate chip ice cream. Don’t forget to add a square of chocolate to any tomato sauce – makes the flavor smoother and better. Dark chocolate is even good for your heart – in moderation.

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