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My toe nail is almost totally loose. When will it fall of?

Asked by rebbel (31806points) September 1st, 2010

It is the nail of my big toe.
It is not a healthy nail, for some fifteen years already, it being very hard, thick and un-even.
Now, since some weeks (i noticed that i swum much in sea water for about three weeks), the nail is disconnected from the bed(?) and it is only attached to the…., you know, where they start growing from.
Does anybody have experience with falling of of nails?
Will it go by itself, or can i help it fall of?
Not my nail

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Happened to both my big toes. same time. Finally, they fell off. Then they grew back. Very strange!

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You should probably go see a podiatrist. If it’s thick and ridged you may have damage to the matrix or a fungal infection. You could yank it. It will grow back and you can use a tool and grind it down to a reasonable thickness yourself. There are pedicure kits you can get in any department store or drugstore.
But if it is fungal, you may want to take an anti fungal. You should do some research first. Anti fungal meds can mess with your liver. You would have to have a baseline liver panel before beginning a regimen, then I think LFT’s every month or six months or something.
Let the doc check it out.

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Heh, that was possibly my first medical question and i am glad i asked it.
Because, @Trillian, you provided me with some useful information there, thank you!
I will first look up the Wiki on podiatrist and then find one and make an appointment.

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⇧ Thank you, darlings!

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Just go ahead and yank ‘er off!

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Near the ocean ? Go for a walk along the beach. You’ll lose it and the saltwater and sand will clean and start the healing process almost immediately.

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Don’t mean to steal your topic but I have a question of my own that fits in right with this. My big toe’s nail is black and greenish and feels like it’s lifting off my toe, it’s loose and hurts a bit as well when any pressure is applied. It’s been this way for many months. Any idea what’s going on?

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@Parrappa Go see a doctor. Sounds like Buerger’s Disease

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Only for some weeks per year, near the ocean.
But that really helps, the salty water?
Thanks you!

No problem, be my guest.
No idea, by the way.

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@rebbel . . . that really helps, the salty water?

That and the sand. As a kid summer meant being all scraped, bruised and cut up. Living near the beach was like a medicine bottle of cure-all. A couple of hours in the surf and most of those scrapes, scabs and bruises went away.

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Wow talk about moderation frenzy.
Don’t rip it of it’ll never grow back correctly.

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