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Would it bother you if they took away your right to free speech?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) September 1st, 2010

Do exercise your right to free speech? What are thoughts about speech control?

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I just wish you 2nd amendment guys would defend the 1st amendment with something, anything close to the same degree of passion with which you defend your 2nd amendment rights, and, yes, maybe some of you do, but as a group? You don’t, you simply don’t.

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Who wouldnt be bothered by this is a better question IMO

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Put me in the bothered category, please.

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I would be bothered by it and I would defend my right to freedom of speech if I felt it was threatened.

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Absolutely. I say horrible things all the time.

I also believe in all of the Bill of Rights equally.

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If the government takes away our freedom of speech, I’m moving to Canada.

I don’t want the government to infringe on ANY of the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, but freedom of speech is so essential. I’d honestly lose hope in ever fixing the government after that.

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Censorship is hovering everywhere right now.

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Hell yes it would bother the SH** out of me.

However, it is interesting to note that as many of our other rights are being whittled away (4th amendment, 5th amendment 6th amendment)...the 1st amendment has actually gained in protecting us…As recently as 1997 the 2nd circuit court of appeals (New York area) decided that the 1st amendment protects artistic expression. As such, the artist needs no permit to display and sell his/her artwork on state, city, county, or parklands!

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@boots I ask my questions in the social section just so anyone who wants to be a total dick can be a total dick, among other reasons. Just because I might call you on something, just because we might disagree, doesn’t mean I don’t love you, @boots. :-)

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@lillycoyote <3’s and stuff :)

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Yes. Simply yes.

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Yes, and if there wasn’t a very significant revolt against such a change, I would move out in disgust.

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I don’t even know whether we have this kind of law in England…I presume we have it in some form or another… :-/ but I constantly feel like there are so many laws that stop me from doing all sorts of things I might like to…I too think censorship is everywhere…

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@lynneblundell Yeah, I don’t know how you guys do it. I would be so behind in simply learning about all the new laws that I’d be a repeat offender simply from ignorance. Do they send out pamphlets or something?

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The right to free speech is a right I would die to protect.

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Of course! But I wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it.

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@papayalily But would you live to protect it?

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If we truly had free speech, I would be bothered.

However, between FCC power trips, and the looming threats to Net Neutrality, free speech is becoming more and more illusory.

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I would definitely be bothered by my free speech being stolen from me. I’m a writer. Free speech is my stock and trade!

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I would protest . I would organize a sit in. I hate the thought of our freedoms taken away. That is what makes a America great.

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<<Censored on a question about free speech.

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@Ben_Dover I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. Elaborate please?

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Since it is already being encroached upon, and since I am upset by that, I imagine I would be fighting mad if it was totally not protected.

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If they took away free speech i would be moving out of the country. Simple as that.

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BTW, They can’t take it away. It exists because of your nature as a human being.
All they can do is not protect your right to exercise it or worse, legally interfere with the right. But they can not take it away. It is there.

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Count me as one of those who would be extremely bothered if any part of the Bill of Rights was tampered with. The first and second amendments happen to be my favorites.

I’m talking fightin’ mad.

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Uhhhhhh….. no?

Ha ha ha.. Funny question.

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Almost as much as taking away my second amendment rights.

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I would be terrified to learn a new way of living where I had to monitor every word out of my mouth. I can only imagine bitching about the state of a particular roadway and later having a visit by some official who interpreted my bitching as reflection of them, their department, their policies, etc.

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The possession of guns and free-communication are two very different things. Guns aren’t a basic need for a healthy, free society. It’s just going to be scary if a real ban is called in the US anytime soon. I don’t see a reason why the constitution should be held as dogma. In a truly efficient world, people would have no need for firearms. We aren’t anywhere near there, so keep the guns, but the constitution isn’t what determines that we should.

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what free speech… I get in trouble every time I tell a Psychiatrist what I feel…so I don’t say much anymore.

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