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Which do you prefer, animals or people?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) September 2nd, 2010

The girl who cleans brought over a dog for me to play with today. Dogs have so much personality. Friendly, tail-waggin, smiling, not very judgmental.

People on the other hand can be real jerks.
Which species do you like bein with?

I’d rather have a dog than a man these days. At least most of the time.

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Aren’t we animals? Evolutionary speaking,of course.

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People, although i am an animal lover i especially like dogs.

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Oh, I much prefer animals.

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The more I know of men, the more I love my dogs. (Not original, but I don’t know whom to credit although I entirely agree!)

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I would prefer the animals because they are straitforward most of the times and people are not.

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People. they seem to speak better English than most of the animals I know. And the girl I had over last night was also friendly, tail-waggin, smiling, not very judgmental.

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Animals, forever loyal and no back-chat from them either.

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Animals. No bullshit to deal with. Excluding bulls.

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On the whole, I prefer animals. I am a total introvert and my aversion to most social activities is a significant factor in this preference. I have two dogs and one cat, and believe the companionship my pets offer has many positive aspects. They ease any loneliness that can sometimes occur when living alone, are able to sense my moods and adjust their behaviour to give comfort, support, a sense of security, and to share excitement and happiness. While some may view this with raised eyebrows, they are great when I want to talk, vent, problem solve, etc… They may not understand the words coming from my mouth, but are great listeners. My dogs remind me of the value of unconditional love, loyalty, altruistic actions, and pleasure derived from simple activities and and time together in relationships. While not constantly or will everyone, time spent with people frequently results in frustration, aggravation, hurt feelings, petty arguments and/or personal attacks, selfish behaviour, and more.
As mentioned, I am an introvert, and various experiences and circumstances over the past year and a half have led me to an even greater isolated hermit-like existence than usual. My mom, who never hesitates to share her opinions and impose her influence, came to me recently with an article she had cut from the newspaper. The article discussed the theories around the therapeutic/beneficial effects animals have on people. It then went on to refute the theories, claiming animals can in fact prove to be detrimental presence in the lives of some. It mainly focused on people struggling with some type of mental/emotional issue and their tendency to replace human companionship with that of animals. It claimed animals can actually do more harm than good as they can lead people to decrease human interactions and become more isolated, leading to greater depression, mental unbalance, etc…. It suggested there is a greater likelihood for animals to do harm to a person’s well being than good.
I totally disagreed with the article. I think people who have less human interaction in their lives than is deemed healthy may often find companionship through pets, but I think the benefits they offer far exceed any cons. I have been through some periods of incredible lows and truly believe it has been my pets that have allowed me to keep my head above water. They have saved me from crushing loneliness, their happy, excited, and silly personalities and behaviour have given me breaks from long periods of darkness, their need for play and exercise have been the only thing to get me out of my home at times, and my commitment to their care and upbringing has given me the needed motivation to keep going. Even in times that are not so uniquely dire, I can’t imagine my life without animals.

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People I understand them better. I do love dogs though. I am thinking twice about ,my lizard. He is mean.

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it depends on what I’m doing. For everyday things I prefer people on account of the communication thing. But when I’m not into talking a dog is tops.

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I love animals. I love people too. When I’m in a social mood, I like to be around people who share similar interests, etc. When I want some quiet time, animals are fantastic.

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I prefer animals to some people but there is one particular person that I like as much as I like animals. I must admit to liking more animals (mostly dogs) than people though.

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In general and as a species, i prefer animals, purely because they don’t deceive, lie, cheat, backstab and all the other good stuff people very often get up to. There are other obvious examples of why they’re better as well.
Having said that, i need people companionship as well, however there is a very limited number of people i would want to spend my time with. Crowds irritate me and i hate being in places where there are too many people. People can really annoy me sometimes. I’m an introvert also, so maybe this is one of the reasons.
I have to agree with @Leanne1986 – everything she said is basically what i was trying to say above, haha (except replace her preference for dogs with my preference for cats). :)

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I love animals better than people. I have never been hurt by an animal unless i did something to deserve it. But people hurt animals and other people for no reason.

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I’m going to, as usual, go against the majority here and say that I prefer people. I’m an extrovert; people are much more interesting than animals. Their depth of emotion and expression and experiences—too often people look at other people as lacking depth, but I think much of this has to do with an unwillingness to see any more inside someone (or see the similarities between that other person and themselves, including flaws). Art (and all forms of creation by humans) is unmatched in the animal world. Yes, cats are cute and furry and I love them, but it doesn’t compare to the love I would have for another human.

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I love dogs and most other animals but ultimately I have to say that I prefer people. Conversations with my dog tend to be rather one-sided.

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I believe people react to each other according to the attitude they find. Anyone who speaks of other people as jerks is likely to encounter a lot of that. I, on the other hand, find people to be mostly friendly and a pleasure to be around.

The one exception to that in my life finds that everyone she meets is a jerk, and it’s pretty obvious why. She has chased away every renter they have had in trying to get help paying their rent.

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Definitely animals. I love animals especially dogs. Dogs are a lot more loyal than people are.

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