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Do you think you have a cold?

Asked by flipper (165points) March 26th, 2008

If so, are you staying home or going out?

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I’m sick!!! But I’m going out cause I have stayed home too much!

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freaking school otherwise definatley home otherwise. Need sleep so badly

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I have the flu, and I stayed home yesterday and today. I’m actually going to one of my classes in about an hour and it will be the first time I step out of the house in about 48 hours.

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No, I don’t have a cold. I drink a lot of Airborn and I really think that helps. I swear, I’m making that woman rich!!!

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I wonder if you can give Airborn to a cat? My cat got out last weekend and was out all night in freezing temps. He has a cold now, and I’m worried about him.

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Oh, poor kitty!!!

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I feel so bad for him. One eye is kind of runny, and he seems kind of congested. I don’t have enough $$ to take him to the vet right now, and I just don’t know what to do for him. I bought some vitamins to boost his system, but other than that, I don’t know what’s safe to give a cat. My poor little Daniel.

The first couple of days after he got out, he was very achy from all the shivering he did while he was out. I have him resting on a heating pad set to low. He’s down to 7 lives now. He used up one with a flea control product mishap a few years ago. sigh

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I don’t have a cold.

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I’ve had a cold for 2 months. Airborne and Emergen-C don’t work for me because
I don’t believe in them. I gargle with salt water (the cold is in my throat). I’m just glad
the coldness didn’t get into my lungs. Bronchitis is very hard for me to shake.
I wish spring would come. I wish SUMMER would come.

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@susanc Spring has been here for a few days already.

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I think i have a cold. I also think I may have diabetes, a heart condition, a MALToma or at the very least an ulcer, IBS, and a back problem of some sort. I’m also begining to suspect I may be a hypochondriac.

Anyway if I have a cold I stay at home – work policy

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