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What would your childhood self think of how you are now?

Asked by ucme (50034points) September 2nd, 2010

Yeah, how your life turned out. Your personality-your job-relationship… know what? Let’s just say the whole damn package. What would “they” say, how would “they” react to how “you” grew up & how “you” turned out?

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I would think of myself as a good role model, even though sometimes I can be stingy :/

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My 4 year old self would be sad that I haven’t taken the risks that she would have in my place.

My 12 year old self would be grateful and happy that I got away from my abusers.

I’m trying to get more in touch with that fearless 4 year old again, who didn’t give a crap if anyone liked her or what she was doing or not. I need her now.

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I have just become better and better in my growth and life experiences.

My inner child has not let herself down. Shes come through a lot of big highs and big lows and inspite of a lot of changes the one thing that has always remained a constant, regardless of circumstance, is my integrity and overall positive outlook.

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My childhood self would say “Way to go Girl!”

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Believing he was invulerable to time, he’d be stunned by how old he got to look. In most other ways, though, I think he’d be fairly proud of himself.

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“da fat baby talking,” “well, i’m sure glad you learned to wipe your ass!” “Now “big boy,” if you could learn your ass from a hole in the ground, you could accomplish something!”

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They’d be surprised to see where I am now. Pretty much living my dream.

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Awww…but look!

You’ve cut your first tooth all over again! lol

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@BoBo1946 Haha, always thought of you as an asswipe….....err, sorry. I meant a good guy who always get’s to the bottom of things…......yes that’s what I meant. nervous laugh hoping he got away with that XD

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@BoBo1946 High five bud!!

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I’m sure I’d like it,but be a little disappointed that I didn’t beat up boys sooner.XD

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Considering how hard it was when I was kid, I think he’d be pretty dam chuffed…
A lot of hero worship going on…. He’d be looking forward to being me, ounce he got over himself ;-)
He would say “Dam proud of ya boy” something I would like to hear from my DAD (RIP).

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My 2–10 year old self would probably be scared of me while my 12–14 year old self would think I was way too cool but for all the wrong reasons.

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Haha…my childhood rival, Michael ‘Melonballs’ Melenchek. Of course he was madly in love wth me, and how did I repay that love, I mashed a pomegranite into his white blonde hair and gave him the original punk look in 1968. Purple hair for weeks. lol

Hey Michael, if your reading this by chance, I apologize 43 years after the fact.

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@Coloma -“Melonballs” ?? I can see why you didn’t kick him! XDXD
steel toe boots are essential for fighting that boy

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For the record, i’m guessing me as a kid would probably ask why the hell did I never grow up? Although & at the same time, be both amazed & proud that I turned out to be a Dad. A bloody good one at that, even if I do say so myself :¬)

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He’d think WTF???!!! and not in the Gary sense.

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There was a whole slew of Melonball brothers, not enough boots to go around.
They all liked me at one point or another…whew, awash in a sea of melonballs. lol

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The childhood me would wonder where the castle was.

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Excellent choice! lol

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Damn Chyna, you used to be so cool.

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My twelve year old me would probably say: “I told you that life sucks, didn’t i, with all the worrying, the bills, the fact that you must work wtf is that good for, the fights, the screaming, etc.”
My seventeen year old me would probably say: “Well, that turned out pretty well after all, without ending up in jail, no longer in the company of your bad boy buddies, ending your years long depression, and now with a sweet and beautiful girlfriend, a pet, a job, some plans, feeling good. Well done!”

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Some things better left unsaid.

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Still in Jersey?

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Wha?? You left Jersey????

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I think my childhood self would be proud that I never lost my ability to see the person behind the face, and never stopped calling people out for their asshattery.

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I think he’d be very impressed. Stanford, linguistics, in a good relationship…I don’t think he could’ve seen that coming. :)

And no, I’m not still a child, damn it. :P

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I think he would be stunned that I am still alive.

He would probably have a fair amount of respect for the fact that I am still breathing in spite of him, and after he gets over the shock that he will spend 20+ years as a software engineer rather than being a millionaire rock star living on a private island, he’ll find out that the whole “dad” gig is pretty darned cool and the software engineering income supports several out of the ordinary hobbies that he will appreciate.

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My childhood self would be surprised, when I was little I was VERY shy. Now, I can’t ever shut up and I’m very open to people.

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My childhood self really wouldn’t care. When I was younger, I didn’t pay any attention to adults, what they did, or why they did it. I was much more focused on my music and my friends. It would probably be disappointed that I haven’t played any instruments in several years though.

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My childhood self would be wierded out by how much of a grown up I have become, and would most likely then proceed to make fun of me for being such.

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Really, really old.

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