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I'm craving sushi.....what would you get, if you were me?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) September 3rd, 2010

I love sushi. and sashimi. with salad.
and tempura veggies are awesome.
a nice roll.
I love all of it.
What is your favorite?
or do you hate it?

I’m not into eel or octopus, but love masago.
I’m drooling, just thinkin about it.
Very healthful as well.

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I love octopus and eel but aside from them, Id get some type of spicy crunchy roll be it shrimp tuna or salmon. Spider rolls are probably my favorite though.

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Gobi beef as sashimi, and i love the plain tuna roll (though personally Unagi is my favorite).

But i doubt (unless you are in Japan) that you can get your hands on Gobi beef.

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This is a cruel question as I am very hungry and very broke.

However I would start of with baby albacore and then a raw philly roll. Then I would have some salmon and tuna. All washed down with a large Sapporo.

Lucky…. you are so lucky.

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Come on Dog, my treat!! I’m tryin not to go…..but I hear it calling.
eat me. eat me.

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I mean Kobe beef. stupid me

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@Winters its kobe beef. And you can get your hands on it in the US just real expensive. I had some at a food show a couple years back.
edit never mind you clearly just saw it too :P

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@Winters It’s a holiday weekend….not stupid…..brain on vacay, man.

I love ginger dressing.

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Spider roll, sweet egg roll, eel roll.

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Toro (Fatty tuna) It melts in your mouth.
I am salivating now. Thanks!

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Anything with spicy tuna and some of the specialties from the Bluefin’s menu.

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Uni, salmon skin roll, yellow tail shasimi… 3 of my favorites.

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The place near me makes great rolls. I’d have a Crazy Couple roll (spicy yellow tail and tuna) and a Phoenix roll (eel, shrimp, crab, cucumber and caviar)

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Another vote for spider rolls…..Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Cucumber,Masago…Anybody hungry?

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An order of vegetable rolls, and a seaweed salad. With some miso soup of course

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I don’t like fish and i don’t trust eating it.
I much more prefer furry four legged mammals.

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I have a really nice all-you-can-eat sushi buffet near me, so I don’t have to pick :D I’ll have some of everything! Woot!

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My favorite is spicy tuna…I can never turn down a good spicy tuna roll. But I also enjoy Philadelphia roll and spicy California (even though they’re not raw), as well as some with eel and other tuna and salmon rolls that I can’t remember the names of.

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California sushi roll. Just avocado, rice, carrot and cucumber. Seaweed on the outside of the roll. No meat/seafood. No sesame seeds.

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i had sashimi, salad, tempura veggies
a scallop nigiri
and 2 rolls i brought home….madison roll and lobster A
I’m stuffed!! and satisfied!!
with more for later

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Not a big fan of sushi.. Ok Y’all can boo me. Something ishy about eating raw fish.

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Ill take a barrel roll please

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I would get a California roll and Godzilla roll! I love sushi!

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