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Are cancer rates really on the rise?

Asked by Jabe73 (4010points) September 4th, 2010

One side of this issue says cancer rates are not rising but because of advanced techniques for detecting it and people living longer it just seems this way. On the other hand there are those who think cancer rates really are on the rise overall, that more younger people are getting cancer than ever before and these rates will continue to rise in the future. They can’t both be right so which one is it? Is cancer really on the rise and will it continue to get worse or vice versa? Just peoples’ opinions or facts here.

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I do not have an answer to your question, but i have a question of my own.

After all this time and billions of dollars in research, has there not been a discovered cure for cancer? a cure for AIDS was discovered almost instantly, but not cancer. is it all about the money?

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@john65pennington My personal belief is that cancer research is a giant scam. Treating cancer will always make more money than a silver bullet cure. It is a scientifically proven fact that a ketogenic diet is the best diet to be on when you have cancer but doctors and oncologists do not share this information with their patients.

Everyone around me (younger people) are getting cancer left and right. I just found out one of my last living cousins just got diagnosed with it (though he is in his late 40’s). He is scheduled to visit the doctor again in 2 months. We are trying an alternative treatment with the ketogenic diet at this current time. The only problem is purchasing the deoxy glucose (sugar analog) from the internet. It is not cheap at $850 per 250 milligrams. You need at least a full gram for this treatment to be effective. Most doctors will not prescribe it so you are forced to use the internet to order it (not cheap).

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@Jabe73 I disagree with you about cancer research. These statistics put the lie to what you are saying:

“The five-year relative survival rate for all cancers diagnosed between 1999 and 2005 is 68% up from 50% in 1975–1977. The improvement in survival reflects progressing in diagnosing certain cancers at an earlier stage and improvements in treatment.”

American Cancer Society

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@marinelife Yes we can trust the ACS and NCI. This article sheds some life on these lies.

I am trying to find the article that clearly shows how cancer rates have really been going up, not down. When I find it again I will post it.

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They certainly are in Australia, where skin cancer has been on the rise since the fifties, about the same time we began testing nuclear weapons in the pacific atolls (which has devastated the Ozone Layer and the hole in the ozone layer has since rotated [due to Coriolis Effect] over to Australia and Antarctica).

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@john65pennington there is not a cure for aids, there are medications that can control it. I think maybe if you get medication as soon as you are exposed to HIV maybe that keeps it from replicating, and you don’t develop it, but I am not 100% sure about that. You probably know that better than I since in your field of work you risk exposure I guess.

Some cancers we do have effective cures for. Each cancer is different, which is part of the problem.

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@Jabe73 your article is primarily about cancer treatment, cancer doctors. NCI at NIH does research. There is some corruption in the research end, but primarily they are truly looking to cure cancer. They are incredibly dedicated scientists who come from all over the world to contribute to the research being done at NCI. These doctors are not working for pharmaceutical companies, they are salaried by our government. The corruption comes in only in the sense that even if they have no new epiphany like theories, they are going to ask for the same money they got last year, the same budgets, so they can get the same money the following year, this happens in the private sector also.

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There are too many types of cancer to expect one ‘cure’. I worked on an oncology ward. The doctors there have been fighting for cures for years. They welcome each new treatment and hope it cures. We also took care of a lot of people after their “natural” cures left them with no time to use proven procedures that could have helped.

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I read somewhere awhile back that the surgeon general had listed stress to be the MOST sickness producing element, above and beyond even smoking.

Stress kills and is the timebomb that activates the biochemical changes in cells that mutate into cancer.

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Generally, I believe the opposite of whatever rolls off the tongue of the evil ACS. From Race for the Cure to chemo will kill that tumor (or some vague claim) to the long ago televised request many of you haven.t heard, “Support the ACS with a checkup and a check!) to all their BS lies I say, but what have you done for us lately?

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@JLeslie I do not agree with many false alternative cancer treatment claims but cancer researchers should know that glucose feeds cancer cells and a ketogenic diet is one of the most healthiest diets you can be on. Unfortunately the mainstream nutrution gurus have their left wing anti-meat agenda they are trying to push. This is just one link that talks about a similar alternative treatment protocol that I’ve mentioned with glucose starvation of cancer cells with ketones, I have read other testimonials to this protocol and this treatment (when all 4 steps are applied correctly) seems extremely effective against all forms of cancer at virtually any stage, my cousin, who was just diagnosed with liver cancer is willing to try this but like I said above, the sugar anolog is not cheap without a prescription. Here is one link about this treatment (inspired by

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@Jabe73 If these were scientifically proven effective, I believe doctors would use these methods. It’s pretty well accepted that a calorie restriction diet seems to offer longer life, less disease. I would argue that maybe part of the reason is not simply that it is lower calorie, part of the mechanism might be something to do with sugar levels, how the body uses, eliminates and stores calories, which might relate to the information you have read regarding lower carbs.

Also, most medical doctors would agree a vegan diet is healthier with the studies that have been done. Recommendations by our government are to try and be realistic with small modifications to a typical American diet, no one really thinks it is ideal for health I think, just reasonable.

Low carb or no carb, like an Atkins diet in my opinion was a horrible diet craze in America, because the average person thought it license to eat bacon and cheese hamburgers with no bun all of the time. Almost everyone I know who did Atkins, or how they interpreted Atkins, who bothed to get blood tests had very elevated cholesterol. Heart diseases usually gets people younger than cancer. So, we have to be careful about general diet recommendations to the public at large.

Now, I am assuming you are talking about low carb diet regarding once already diagnosed? I would say most Americans are too out of control with how they eat to follow a diet so different for long periods of time. Most Americans want a magic pill.

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@JLeslie I have read about the pros and cons on both the vegan and low-carb diets. The ketogenic diet is much more healthier. There are many ex-vegans that would agree with me. It is more than just eating, you have to exercise as well. The fact you have to supplement when on a vegan diet should tell you something. I think there are too many chemicals being added in many meats and other foods today so that doesn’t help.

If you read that article correctly (and the link provided on there as well) you would find that this method did work for that person so why wouldn’t his doctor help him out with this treatment? This is a mainstream cancer website by the way, not testimonials on some natural health or alternative treatment website. This is what I’ve mentioned in a previous question I’ve asked, why not allow people the freedom to try their own methods (especially when they have nothing to lose when orthodox methods fail)? I have read quite a few other testimonials on this treatment that were very successful. This treatment protocol is very cheap by the way (unlike the less successful antineoplastins).

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@Jabe73 depends on the doctor probably. Our cousin has pancreatic cancer and was being treated at MD Anderson in Houston. On her own she also went to Cuba for the treatment they use. Her doctors I. Houston very impressed with how her pancreatic cancer has not grown. The problem is when her cancer was first discovered it was already in her liver, and the cancer their seems to be growing. The doctors in Houston were impressed with the success she had in her pancreas, we cannot know for sure if it was the Cuban medication (from what I understand it is a natural drug) but the doctors never told her not to take it, in fact they told her to continue because she seemed to be doing well for a while. Not sure if the docs really thought it was effective, or saw no harm since she seemed not to have bad side effects and pancreatic cancer is a death sentence the stage they found hers in.

I think most doctors get nervous when a patient wants to try an unproven method instead of one that is the common medical practice. but I would bet a lot of oncologists are willing to give these unscientifically proven theories a shot, if they seem to cause no harm, and are not bankrupting someone.

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@JLeslie I’ve been a little edgy lately. I lost so many people close to me in the last few years and the prognosis for my cousin with liver cancer (it has started to spread) is not good. He is recieving treatment (some type of pills, maybe chemo). He is scheduled to see the Dr. sometime in October. I don’t know too much about his condition (I havn’t heard from him in a while before this) but I should know more details about his cancer (what stage,etc) when I see him next week. He is very scared and so am I. We may be using that protocol I mentioned if his treatment does not turn out well. He is on disabilty and does not have the money to purchase the 2D-Oxy Glucose so I may have to help him with that cost. I will have to see what happens from here. If we decide to go with this alternative treatment (if the conventional methods don’t work first) than I will be honest about the results (if this works or not) on him.

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@Jabe73 Sorry to hear about all of the health problems in your family, there is nothing worse. I understand the mental stress that comes along with the physical disease. Trying to figure out what will be best, realizing the doctors many times don’t have all of the answers. Making decisions about our own health care and helping our loved ones make those decisions is incredibly anxiety provoking while also having to cope with the sadness of the diagnosis.

I was just watching Dr. Oz today (I rarely watch his show) he spoke of foods that inhibit new blood vessels that feed cancer growth, he named bok choy, strawberries, artichokes, flounder, and cooked tomatoes. This is different than antioxidants. Maybe if you google his website it has more info on it and some links to the research the doctor featured on the show is doing.

I hope your cousin is able to get rid of the cancer, or at minimum slow its growth so he can live a long life. I saw on Larry King some people talking about cancer, and they said until they find a cure, they are trying to look at cancer know as living with a chronic illness, rather than as a death sentence.

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