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What are Fibroid tumors? do they hurt?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) September 4th, 2010

I have crazy lumps that grow fast, on my arms, on now my knee. I cant move my right arm well and now my left elbow has tons of them. Are they fibroids? I do have fibromyalgia. They guy I go to that talks above your head and around in circles, and nobody else is making sense to me. I’ve had an mri of one arm amd 1 surgeon said go to PT and come back and maybe we could open up your arm and take them out. I also have them growing in a torn bicep. My new PCP, whom I actually trust, said thats a big undertaking.

I’ve kinda given up completely. I dont have a life anymore.
any ideas??

I went to Physical Therapy over a year and a half. they also said fibro can cause bulging discs…..

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I wonder if this link might help. There are links within the document that might be useful also. I usually think of uterine fibroids when the term is used, because uterine fibroids are so common. They typically do not cause pain, but can depending on where they are.

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Yes, I had them in my uterus at a certain point. They wee not painful but did cause heavy bleeding. I had them surgically removed on a day stay surgery basis. I have not heard of them elsewhere. If you are not getting the help you need from your doctor, maybe you could look for another in your health plan or a referral to a specialist. It sounds like you are in pain and need help; I feel for you. I switched gynecologists three times until I got one that was helpful.

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my are not gynecological. and I switched doctors. this year. they are better, but no answers. been to 3 surgeons, 2 orthopedic.

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Yes, I heard that yours are not gynecological; my main point is to keep trying doctors until you find one that can help you. Maybe a referral to a specialist in the field?

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