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Is Fluther terrible at giving compliments?

Asked by Whitsoxdude (1507points) September 4th, 2010

This is not exactly what fluther said, but it’s the same meaning.
Here is the evidence:
1. I came back from vacation and fluther told me “You deserve a vacation”..

2. I came back from the beach, and my hair had tons of sand in it… fluther says “Is that a new brand of shampoo?”

3. Fluther always manages to tell me that I smell nice at the one moment I don’t!

4. I just cleaned my desk and fluther says “You look good today, but your desk is a mess”.

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Maybe they’re all Cubbies fans?

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Ah yes, but they told me I was their favourite… Oops! I wasn’t meant to tell anyone that! ;-)

I love them, they always put a smile on my face, and it’s good to check your teeth once in a while!

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Surely you know these Fluther comments are randomly generated and have nothing to do with you specifically?

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Right now fluther says they think they are falling in love with me. I’m not sure I like the idea of a corporation falling in love with me, but that’s not my real beef.

I’ve been around here from more than two years. If they haven’t fallen in love with me by now, they aren’t going to. I think they are just trying to butter me up before they roast me.

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They do it just to irritate you. They have all our computers rigged with cameras and especially love messing with you.

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Uhm, wow…fluther told me the exact same thing.

Fluther…you slut!

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:O I thought I was Fluther’s favorite!

Fluther you’re playing us all.

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Seriously – what the WHAT Fluther?!?!

You’re going to have to choose. Otherwise, I have to find a website that will treat me right.

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Ohh, now you’re gonna suck up to me and say I look smashing, well ya ain’t tricking me this time. I’m on to you. O_o

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Back off, “Mom” (if that really IS your name). Fluther just said I was the one it was waiting for.

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Well Fluther just said they loved me. :P In your face.

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Fluther may love you guys but it wants to run away with me!

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Fluther just said Its so boring without me. So your boring :]

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Even when it is complimentary – it’s always ruined because it is immediately followed by Log Out

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maybe the staff can put personal messages to us…

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I had them at hello.

That’s fluther for Shut the fuck up. Good advice, I might add. I should.

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“We. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE!”
..... What?

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Well, boo. Right now I have something stuck in my teeth, apparently. :(

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Fluther loves my style!
Now they say “You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!”
And they baked me a cake! And I can crash on their couch.
I can’t believe someone this nice is a randomly generated program!

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@Whitsoxdude The Magic Fluther 8 Ball is spot on, but it apparently it has its sarcastic moments.
@wundayatta Of course Fluther loves you! Your Q&As are much appreciated and may even, in a subtle way, help in keeping some of us on the site, as duly noted in your Lurve count.
@iamthemob Fluther has an open heart and mind when it comes to loving Jellies. After the name-calling though, I wouldn’t plan on seeing that comment pop up again. : )
@harple and @Mom2BDec2010 I am sure that you are both Fluther favorites in your own special ways.
@YARNLADY That was hysterical! Thank you for the first laugh of the day!
@augustlan I think that one was meant for me. There were bits of broccoli in my omelette this morning. But you might want to check your own before heading out…just in case.

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Well, my hair really does look good today…

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“That’s not true, you look nothing like the Chupacabra.”

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“We dreamt about you last night.”

We did huh?

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