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Jellies, what kind/type of questions would you like to see more of on Fluther?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) September 4th, 2010

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science and modern technology

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More of these.

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More professional, technical stuff along the lines of pro audio, programming, etc.

Essentially stuff you still have to go elsewhere for.

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More creativity-based/game-style questions.

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Interesting ones. Complex dreams to analyze; difficult social issues; non-obvious ethical conundrums; questions designed to offer an opportunity for more sophisticated creative responses. I guess the kind that an advanced civilization should ask ;-)

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Great question. Here’s another great question. How are you going to build a consensus of what to ask based on these responses?

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More hypothetical situations like Multiple moons orbiting a planet.

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@Sarcasm Ask Jupiter and Saturn.

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I like anything with a bit of controversy or highly abstract thinking.

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moral and social issues…psychology

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Questions on subjects I actually know anything about.

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@Whitsoxdude That made me laugh…and I agree with you to a certain extent. What I’ve found is that some of the questions are utterly fantastic for learning a more global perspective. There are questions/threads that I follow without ever contributing to just because it is a valuable learning experience.

@Mom2BDec2010 GQ

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@Pied_Pfeffer I do that as well. Now that I think about it, I like those questions too.

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Subjects that invite colorful participation.

Exactly the opposite of what question you might think that would be.

“What are the best green beans?”

Turning into a 167 post thread, enlightening me to genetic manipulation, a personal experience with 8 cats on a farm, field worker woes, farmer’s mortgages, the best Cadillac to purchase, the “most red” Massey Ferguson tractor, what kind of hat is best to wear while picking beans, how organic certification works, and the 3 most popular species of beans and how they might be used in homebrewing.


Fabulous, brutal, ugly, glorious, magnificent detail.

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Questions about quantum physics. More about electricity.

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Love it! And I think you hit on something there. I, myself, find myself naturally open to all opinions and side discussions regarding opinions on the green bean, and simultaneously unable to think of how someone else’s opinion on the topic could be offensive to my belief system.

Interesting point…

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I would like to see questions with more depth. It seems like the majority of questions of late have either been on the What do i do about this tree? or Ninjas or pirates? side of the spectrum. What happened to all of those between-the-lines questions that we used to have so many of?

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Questions that help people solve real problems that they are having in their life.

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@johnpowell, there are a lot of those in the orphans section.

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Pets,Evolution,Nature,Social issue,and General question. I prefer less political question since I arrive from country with different political structure.

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Science and technology. Building a better future.

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