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Mansion swag, what won't you get at certain levels?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) September 5th, 2010

As people acsend the Fluther ladder the swag you get at those higher levels can be great, but there is a lot you don’t get.

Mansion additions, what don’t you get with the following (I seen the secret memo, they will surely deny any and all of what I am telling you);

5k wing addition which will you not get with it?
• Game room
• Big screen
• Real granite counter tops
• Private lake with dancing fountains

Which will you not get with a 10k mansion?
• Slate bed billiard table
• Gourmet kitchen
• Moss covered 3 handle family credenza
• Jacuzzi

Which won’t you get with a 20k mansion?
• His and her master bath suite with a bidet
• Personal butler
• Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator
• Boat house with 45 foot sloop with all electric wenches

With a 30k mansion what can you look forward to not getting?
• Stables with pedigree horses
• Heliport
• 9 hole putting range
• Solid gold sarcophagus

If you guessed correctly you might get upped to a 40k mansion straight away (highly rumored). Sorry no info on a 40k mansion rumor is they whack you before you get there or plan an untimely accident for you.

Disclaimer all info here has not been varified and most likely the memo and corresponding swag are all nebulous or bogus and should not be viewed as serious in anyway, to believe such you are at your own risk of being disappointed. OK, maybe the part about you getting whacked is not as false, then again, you never know.

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Sorry, I don’t understand the question.

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@Whitsoxdude Of the list of things you will get at each level one of them you will not get you have to figure out which item of the four you will not see. The swag that you don’t have coming. I would tell you but they will bump me off, 3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead ;-p

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Okay, I’ll bite. I will not get at:
5k – a private lake.
10k – the family credenza.
20k – the space modulator.
30k – helipad.

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I don’t think there is a 40k mansion, it’s just a little tower in the 20k mansion. The problem are the hidden stairs leading up to it. Not only are they hidden, it takes 40k steps to reach the top. Most people run fatigued before they ever reach the top :(

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@py_sue Sweet holy moly you were sooooooooo close…d’oh! X:-o

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I’ve only been in the 10k mansion for a day and already someone invited me to tea – after I finish the croquet court.

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Okay, if I ever reach 20k. I won’t get….... so fuckin deluded that I believe i’m actually in a castle!! I mean come on, we all know that by that stage all jellies are packed off to the funny farm. Giggle jackets the required evening wear.

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5k – Nothing
10k – SOME TLC
20K – Bitch slapped, only because I am there.
30K – Free psychotherapy.

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^^I’m looking forward to 20K!

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@ucme I mean come on, we all know that by that stage all jellies are packed off to the funny farm. Giggle jackets the required evening wear. We don’t all have to keep our hands in our pockets and wear “giggle” jackets because you thought @ChazMaz was an ogre in your castle did you? LOL LOL LOL

@ChazMaz I worry about you…...I am sure there would be well stocked bunker in your mansion complete with 10,000 rounds of ammo, so getting bitch slapped by anyone they would have to be a real badass SOB, or a real petite pregnant woman :-) If you need free psychotherapy maybe they were looking for you to put the “giggle” jacket on? If they suggest a frontal labotomy I would pass, totally overrated.

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