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What does your profile picture say about you?

Asked by Whitsoxdude (1507points) September 5th, 2010

What about other’s pictures? How does it effect how you see the person (or their answers)?

I think mine communicates that I see myself as a very wise, deep, person.. I took it myself ha ha. In all honesty I just didn’t want a picture of a jellyfish :P.

Personally, certain pictures make me see the person answering as more “stuck up”. I don’t act on this, but I noticed this recently when somebody changed their picture.

I know this makes me sound very shallow, but I can usually think around it (by covering the picture with my hand lol).

I find it very interesting that something as trivial as a picture (of anything) can create false impressions.

My least favorite picture is that burry image of a cat that so many people use.. Please don’t get offended, I still love you all.

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Mine is pretty self-explanatory.

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I don’t think mine really says much about me. I found it years ago and have always liked it, so I figured I’d use it here.

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@Seaofclouds I just now realized your picture is not a panda with a walking stick O.o.. I will forever view your answers in a different light :P

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This is the second picture of myself that I have put up. The first was when I was a little girl about 5 and the present one was taken back back in 2007. They represent different eras of my life. Now that I mention it I will change this one today (and go to #3). Tell me what you think.

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I play poker and love cruiser bikes. Pretty simple.

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@Likeradar I lover cruisers too!

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I’m a very fun person and I glow in the dark. Wanna see?

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Mine simply says that i love wolves

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@perspicacious I want to see…
Mine says I love my dog.

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Well, mine normally suggest that I get easily bored. I’m constantly changing them. As for the current one, well it says i’m British…...yeah I know, crazy right? It probably also says, err…i’m a good kisser….I dunno!! :¬)

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I think mine says, “You are a very, very lazy man, iamthemob.”

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I change mine fairly often.

I have posted pics of myself, a bright and playful bohemian personality, my yard and river which ties into my love of nature and country living, and right now, my goose ‘Marwyn’ hanging on the ‘gooton’ with his orange lei from the ‘burning goose’ party I hostessed last summer. lol

My avatars are pretty reflective of my silly, free spirited and humorous personality.

I also love abstract art, so, once in awhile I’ll put up a fractal image of other colorful picture.

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My profile picture suggests I like muppets, particular those of the Fraggle variety.

There were several characters I considered using as my avatar (I was keen on using Rowlf and Don Music), but I had to use Wembley. I’m a good deal like him, “cheerful and energetic, but also very insecure.”

I suppose it also reflects how in tune I am with childhood still.

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Fraggles aren’t muppets. They’re heroes.

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@iamthemob They’re certainly heroes in my book :) I’ve always said the world would be a happier place with more muppets. Fraggle Rock was simply life-changing.

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Mine says that my Second Life avatar is much better looking than I am in my First life.

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I change mine constantly, sometimes as often as 2–3x per day. My avatars often reflect current events on Fluther (such as helping Jeruba find her glasses, or dispelling the myth of the “golden” jelly), other times they’re more personal (like the image of my broken Roor that was up a few days ago). I don’t think many people notice, but I do it to amuse myself more than anything else so it’s all good either way :)

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I asked Trey and Matt to do me.

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@chyna : I love your dog, too.

FutureMemory's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I’ve always loved your work. The Fly is one of my favorite movies.

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Penguins are my shaman animal and I love to read; (I am a penguin librarian in RL.)

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@muppetish I’d like to Pulp those muppet sons a bitches!! :¬D

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@ucme Why would they cover Uma’s lovely face with Miss Piggy? I hadn’t seen that video before, thanks. It reminds me a bit of the Henson’s 11 video.

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I just pick random pictures of myself that look alright when squashed down to a very small size. I have no idea what they say about me.

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@JilltheTooth Aw thank you. I will pass that on to her.

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It says, “I’m a little stud.”

janbb's avatar

Emphasis on the little I hear, @AstroChuck !

zen_'s avatar

I’m Gay and proud, and my avatar is a reflection of that. The little guy on my shirt, that is.

Thanks, Jeruba.* sigh *

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Mine says I love typography, and letters in general. I also love birds. I also love @Jeruba, who so generously makes all of my avatars for me. That last bit says I am technology-challenged. :p

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@zen_ Bwahahahahahahaha! I never would have noticed that if you hadn’t mentioned it. Tee hee.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

It says I enjoy beautiful photographs of women touching each other. Oh yes.

iamthemob's avatar


Why does that need to be said by anyone? :-)

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

I think I want my avatar to say what @Simone_De_Beauvoir ‘s says.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@iamthemob Well, you’re right – then it’s just an example of the obvious.
@TheOnlyNeffie do it.

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I have no idea what mine is. I found it along with others years ago, and it was perfect for sites that require smaller avaters. I’ve thought about changing it, but I use avatars to identify people (blurry cat people, take notice…) so I don’t know how I’d figure out what I wrote if I changed it. This is really a huge problem, much larger than, say, the rape epidemic in the Congo ;-)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I hadn’t looked closely at your latest. Beautiful!

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@augustlan I do change them quickly. Don’t know why I do that.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

I couldn’t help myself.

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@TheOnlyNeffie : When I went to your Profile to see the pic, I thought your info said “Accept no L imitations” Seemed appropriate.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@JilltheTooth I like that even better.

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While I do not believe in religions or their doctrines, I do have an appreciation for their art and imagery.

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I figured that I’m just so handsome, the internet needs to have more pictures of me. Not to toot my own horn or anything!
And also it says that I’m shy.

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Mine simply reflect the mood I am in and there are not enough avatar pics in the world to do my mood swings justice!

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Mine says that I have a really neat looking dog with spectacular ears and she rides on a cheapie seat cover that just happened to appropriately say “Little Miss Naughty.” At least that is the one I am using this week.

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@Sarcasm Toot away! You are handsome.

breedmitch's avatar

Mine says I’ve been to the Kennedy Center.

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Mine says this goofy labradoodle is an awesome search dog and is very eager to work and learn new things.

rangerr's avatar

I’m an affectionate geek.

deni's avatar

i have the most awesome fucking family ever

deni's avatar

@Kayak8 i love labradoodles SO MUCH!!!!
@rangerr i love you so much too

15acrabm's avatar

I like color, specifically blue and green

OwlofHappiness's avatar

I like owls. Pretty self explanatory. :)

Michael_Huntington's avatar

I am a well cultured individual
It’s from Alcest’s lastest album

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

That I value family heirlooms and enjoy some of Shakespeare’s stories. (The water lilies are descendants of the ones from our grandfather’s lily pond. The two fish were Desdemona and Iago…Othello was camera shy that day.)

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It says that I’ve been to Morocco (and all over the world) with my family (that’s my younger brother on the left). It shows that I like showing pictures from my travels and pictures of myself. It says that I’m relatively public; I don’t care about people seeing what I look like and it shows that I like to smile. :D

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It says I love to laugh.

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I will not run in to metaphorical explanation,so I’ll just say it reflects my love of cats.

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Actually, mine says, “What the Hell are YOU doing on the computer? Doesn’t a walk sound like a great idea, hmmm hmmm hmmmm, come on Mom!”

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Pegasus, a flying horse: heavenly, fast, very strong but with fragile aspects, beautiful yet utilitarian and hung like…..
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther Gary – that’s you!

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I like erotic coffee table books from back in the day.

I may or may not be a former jelly, btw

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My original picture was of the moon casting a reflection on water. I love that image. My avatar now is me. It shows that I feel comfortable enough here that I’ll show people what I look like. I will probably change it at some point.

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Changed mine again today.
Myself ( in the wacky shades ) with friend & biz. partner frolicking in the vineyards at a local winery for her 50th B-day last Sept.

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It says that I need something bright and colorful or I can’t find myself in a thread.

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@Coloma Sometimes people respond to comments I’ve made long after I’ve forgotten what exactly it was I said, so I need to be able to find myself. Just getting old, I think.

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Spurts of mid-life dementia hit me too. :-/

I like your colorful avatar, off I go for something zippy. I am inspired.

lillycoyote's avatar

@Coloma I’ve got just a few short years on you but the news isn’t good. I’m pretty sure dementia is one of the many things that does not improve with age. ;-)

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I’m playful.

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That Gustav Klimt is the shit.

Deja_vu's avatar

I’m also a redheaded beauty!

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Nothing special with mine. The one I have currently is a picture I took of a very deep quarry (nearly 400ft deep at its deepest) near my house. It is too cold to swim in. There are quite a few water filled quarries where I live but this one (known as the crater) is the deepest. This avatar from Sept 10 2010.

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That I might need a haircut?

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