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Do you think eBay sucks now?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) March 26th, 2008

My latest search for a laptop case on ebay yielded over 100 generic cases, most just repeats of the same item and coming from either California or China. I’m sick of the same sellers spamming ebay with the same or similar item. I remember the good ol’ days where you could find a great deal on ebay for a slightly used brand name. Now I can’t even find a brand name… What do you think? Are you as disgruntled as I am with ebay?

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i am !!! To many buisnesses trying to corporately sell their shit !!!

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I actually work for an ebay company, we sell about 90,000 items (jewelry [pendants, gemstones etc.]) and we have to deal with ebay everyday. There rules are very strict and hard to follow. However they do there best to prevent you from getting ripped off. There are alot of rules in place now to make the marketplace better, however I do agree that ebay certainly is not what it used to be. I can tell you there is profit, the company I work for makes about 1.5 million in sales on ebay each month….crazy…

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No. Honestly I think its a good thing – since you have so much excessive spam items, once you find something you like, there are less chances that others will see it and thus you can get a better deal. For example, i got a 4gb mp3 video player for 14.99 (with shipping) since i was the only one bidding on it. Yes its no longer what it was back in the bay but thats because it has gotten more famous and as a result has more buyers and sellers.

As for sellers uploading the same thing over and over, they aren’t technically spamming since they are paying eBay for each auction. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of people out there who like the generic stuff because they are cheap.

Also if you dont want to see the laptop cases, why not make specific searches in certain categories like searching for your laptop on the laptops/notebooks section ?

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I buy antique auto parts all the time. There is no other place to find some of these items. I wish there was a way to post a “item wanted” list on ebay. The sellers have been very correct with descriptions and starting price.

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I bid on a bunch of different iPods when I finally decided to get one. I decided on how much I was willing to spend and wouldn’t bid over that. I lost a lot of auctions (which was fine because there were thousands of iPods). I finally found a good deal. Then I was hit with no fewer than three “second chance offers” for each of the auctions I didn’t win. They were all scammers.

But I’ve been happy with all my purchases.

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Yes, too many junk accessories

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My uncle lost 15,000 on eBay motors and they refused to do anything to help, they basically told him it was his own fault. The authorities wouldn’t help either so he was out a good chunk of change pretty quickly.

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