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What Movie Remakes Are Most Memorable For You?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 6th, 2010

And which did you like best, the original, or the remake(s) {Some movies have multiple remakes}

Like 12 Angry Men from 1957 Starring Henry Fonda vs. the 1997 version starring George C. Scott.

Or Always 1989 Starring Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, Brad Johnson vs. A Guy Named Joe 1947 Starring Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, Van Johnson

Or The War of the Worlds 1953 Starring Gene Barry vs. War of the Worlds 2005 Starring Tom Cruise

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‘sigh’ I just wish they make new movies.
I prefer Rain 1932 with Joan Crawford to Sadie Thompson 1928 with Lional Barrymore or Miss Sadie Thompson 1953 with Rita Hayworth. Rain was a far better film.

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@Deja_vu I know what you mean. Sometimes I think they remake movies to save money on writers’ fees.

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@Ben_Dover It’s too much already. I’m sick of it. Earlier tonight I saw Machete. It was good. Not an orginal idea, though I am excited about The Green Hornet.

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Frankly, none that I can think of. For example, while both versions of “12 Angry Men” are excellent, I prefer the original with Fonda rather rather than the later one with Lemmon, mainly because I like its ensemble of actors better.

Other originals I prefer:
The Thing (w/James Arness)
Sabrina (w/Bogart)
The Time Machine (w/Rod Taylor)
Brief Encounter (w/Trevor Howard)
Open Your Eyes (remade as Vanilla Sky w/ Tom Cruise)
Night and the City (w/ Richard Widmark)
Rear Window (w/James Stewart)
The Manchurian Candidate (w/Sinatra)

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The Day The Earth Stood Still, with Reaves. My mind still twitches in horror at the memory.

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Lolita (1962 and 1997). I can’t decide between the two, I love both.

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The Dawn of the Dead remake was surprisingly good.

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The remake of The Wicker Man is pretty memorable, but not in a good way.

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I’m going to say the same as when I answered a more or less identical question recently.

The Thing
The Fly
Mutiny on the Bounty

I would add Scarface to that list…...just because I can!

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The remake of the Mummy was probably the biggest improvement over an original.

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Cape Fear is probably most memorable to me bacause I enjoyed the suspense of the first one so much more than the slasher sex junk of the remake. The Women was much better the first and second time than this last.

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Dawn of The Dead
I’m calling To Wong Foo a good remake. Priscilla was great, but I personally think that the American “version” was alright.
Little Shop of Horrors
The Magnificent Seven
The Departed

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