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Can anyone tell me where I can find appropriate school slacks?

Asked by Akua (4725points) September 6th, 2010

My 16 yr. old daughter goes to a private school and they require all students to wear a uniform consisting of shoes and dress slacks. The problem is that most clothing stores I go into sell what I deem to be inappropriate attire for a young girl. I do not want lowriders, skin tight, bootcut or see through pants. I don’t know why they market clothes for little girls that belong on grown women or why anyone would want their child to dress like a prostitute. Can anyone direct me to a store in New York or even online that sells nice normal dress slacks for young girls? The color of the pants doesn’t matter, just as long as they are simple, inexpensive, regular slacks. The school said that Khaki’s are fine too. Please help she needs them fast!

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Akua – Try Schoolbelles . They sell clothing that is specifically for school uniforms. I poked around and found these pants that run from $16 to $21 in a wide variety of sizes. Also, I found these pants at Kohl’s.

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Online, I would try LL Bean or Lands End.

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