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Can I get a piercing in my lower lip and drink alcohol regularly?

Asked by Covergirlita (88points) September 6th, 2010

I want to get a piercing done in my lower lip, but don’t want to stop drinking alcohol on my weekends… is that possible?

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What is the relation between the two?
You mean that after you had the piercing done, you think you can’t drink alcoholic drinks the weekend following it?

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When I had my lip pierced drinking alcohol wasn’t a problem. It’ll sting if you get it on your piercing if it isn’t healed yet.

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You might leak a little bit.

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According to Lucky’s Tattoo and Piercing (a great piercing/tattoo place in Northampton, MA that is very professional), they say that alcohol should be avoided until the piercing has healed completely.

Here’s an excerpt from their FAQ page on oral piercing aftercare:

Don’t Do This
1. No oral sexual contact including French kissing for the entire healing period. Besides mouths and other parts being dirty, you have an open wound STD’s can be passed that way (so don’t lick things you shouldn’t)!
2. Avoid all alcoholic beverages. These can cause additional swelling, bleeding and discomfort.
3. Reduicing smoking or quitting is recommended for a faster healing.
4. Do not play with jewelry for the initial healing time beyond normal talking and eating. Playing can result in migration or the formation of scar tissue.
5. Do not use Listerine or other mouthwash that contains alcohol. They do more harm than good.

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You should NOT drink until it’s healed. Afterward, it has no effect whatsoever. I had my lip pierced multiple times for years and the only trouble I ever had was when I wore closed rings and tried to drink from a glass. That was easily solved by switching to circular barbells, because they can be flipped down over the lip if you are drinking something where they might get in the way. It becomes like second nature after a while.

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As @ParaParaYukiko and @TheOnlyNeffie mentioned, you should avoid alcohol until the piercing heals. You can always talk to your piercer to get their opinion as well. They might have a different opinion based on their experience.

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Alcohol isn’t going to hurt the piercing unless you get so drunk that you injure it by catching it on something or something else as stupidly similar. if you rinse the piercing out with alcohol it will delay the healing process a bit but it won’t cause too many problems other than that. Some piercers think differently but you can talk to your specific one to see what they have to say and make your own decision.

As far as dealing with drinking when it’s healed, that’s not a problem at all. Two weeks is the recommended healing time although it can take a bit longer depending on your own body,

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Ok, thanks to everyone! :)

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I can maybe understand avoiding alcopops and beer but I don’t see any problem with spirits, even if the liqud comes into direct contact with the piercing site. Liquor has been used as an antiseptic for centuries. It would probably hurt, though.

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Yeah, that’s what I don’t understand exactly… And I usually go out on the weekends. Didn’t get a piercing there yet because I heard there is a like a rule to avoid alcohol for 1 month at least, but that’s certainly too much for me… I need to have at least a beer every now and then!!!! :D

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@Covergirlita Alcohol is a blood thinner and if the piercing isn’t healed properly it can cause swelling and bleeding at the site of the piercing, causing it to take longer to heal. Talk to your piercer about it to find out for sure what he/she recommends. Then decide which you want more, the piercing or the alcohol.

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