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Have you had a free lunch, lately?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) September 6th, 2010

We’re told there’s no such thing. Is it true: are there no free lunches?

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The last time I had a free (free for me) lunch it was from a drug rep at my work. We have them twice a week. They always bring really good food and sit and chat with the doctors about whichever drug they are trying to convince the doctor’s to use. The nurses get to get the food and then leave because the doctor’s don’t want the nurses sit in there at the same time. We can ask the drug reps questions before and after the doctors are with them.

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In the most concrete terms possible, a lunch that is free for me (which I have had many) have never been free for others. The cost always goes back to someone.

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when we go to church on Sunday ther’s lunch after mass, but only if you repented

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Today was Labor Day – a national holiday. My check will be the same. So I guess I not only got a free lunch but a free breakfast and dinner as well.

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No Free Lunch simply means someone else paid for it.

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The only free lunch I have had recently was put on by the company that owned the radiology practice I worked at on my clinical placement. It was a thanks to the staff, and they invited me to join in. I got lunch for being friends with the people who worked for it – great!

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The closest thing I had to a free lunch was about 30 years ago.
I ate some wild blackberries near Tacoma, Washington in the summer of 1980.

I know there was no monetary cost for that lunch and I don’t really think it cost that berry bush any extra effort or resources.

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My friends bought lunch today at a cool riverfront restaraunt, so, yes, I had a free lunch, on them. lol

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That there is no free lunch is a fundamental principle of metaphysics.

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@YARNLADY I dare you to start a post with Yes next time. You’re three for three in the “no” department.

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No such thing as a free lunch!

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@YARNLADY Yeah – it would be the question about virgins. Cause you’re such an authority.

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Ha, ha, I just checked and my answers are running just about even between the yes and the no. look at my profile.

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I have looked at your profile and I wasn’t impressed.

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My daughter took me out for lunch for my birthday. I made it into breakfast because that is my favorite but yes.

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@faye How old is she? By 18, you’ve spent about &1,000,000 raising her.

Next example, and no more hospital stuff – those are the antithesis of free lunches – just having to sit through a lecture about zoobielox or whatever generic medicine the snake dealers are pushing – I’d pay to not have to go through that.

So far – no free lunches. I remain unconvinced. But I lurve you gus for trying.


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Okay, how about a boyfriend buying me lunch?

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^ Oh that’s a good one. Totally free. What are you wearing?

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@zen_ I’m not surprised, I rarely wear white robes, and have no intuitive understanding of anything, but rather tend to place actual meanings and logic to my sentences, rather than whatever nonsense happens to flow thorough my mind.

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According to author Robert Heinlein, “TANSTAAFL” which is short for there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

There are times where it seems like there is, but short of some kind of miracle, someone (else) bears the cost.

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@YARNLADY There, we differ.

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I have free dinner… And I didn’t pay for the froot loops this morning

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Free loops? How?

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Yes. I get free lunches all the time.

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@zen_ I live with my mom… she paid for them

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It’s been a while and it was more like a free dinner plus, but I used to work at a bookstore and my bosses (a married couple who owned the store) invited me to attend the local chapter meeting of the American Booksellers Association, or whatever it was, and not only was that dinner free but I let it be known that I was going to be taking home a doggie bag and that anyone who was willing to contribute was welcome to do so. What the hell? I was a poor starving bookstore clerk, I wasn’t going to be shy about it. I made out really, really well. The dinner was held at a local Greek restaurant and I love Greek food and I ate pretty damn well for the next three days.

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@talljasperman Oh, that’s not free by a mile.

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@zen_ why is that…? I like my mom

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I like mom too, but I don’t live with her. With free chicken soup comes a certain price you are paying. Freedom.

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Yeah, back when I was in elementary school, our family income was considered below poverty level so I was entitled to free lunch. Does that count;)

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Yes I sometimes have a free lunch.
For example; a few weeks ago I dug some new potatoes that had volunteered to grow in my compost pile. (I actually had to turn the pile over, so the digging wasn’t for lunch so no time or effort expense was used for lunch)
I picked some black raspberries that had volunteered to grow behind my garage, (about a cup and a half, I didn’t consider it work, it was pleasurable to be out in the morning air.)
I made a salad out of some greens and had zucchini, that I was given when I dropped off some clothes at the Human service office. (a bit like like goodwill) They had an over abundance given to them by a local gardener, it needed to be used while fresh and they didn’t have enough clients to take it., so they were giving it away to anyone who would take it.
That day I had a free lunch and a free dinner. The only kind of expense to me or anyone would have been the cooking, but; I cooked the potatoes and zucchini in the oven while I was baking a pie for a charity dinner that was the next day. I would have had the oven going for the pie anyway, and didn’t run it any longer while I also cooked the potatoes and zucchini.
I often have free food that volunteers to grow, or I’m given garden plants from friends who have too many. It doesn’t always happen that I have an entirely free lunch, but sometimes it does.

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@zen_ I have freedom…my mom’‘s a good room-mate

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@talljasperman Pay no attention to naysayers…I sure wish I were living back at home with mom. Man oh man do I ever! You are one lucky camper!

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@talljasperman Don’t pay attention to me. Great Answer and I’m sure your mom is proud of you – with such a nice attitude about it and her. I agree with @Ben_Dover – being a single dad of two – sometimes I wish I had mom around to help – but she’s quite far away.


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Of course they exist, you just have to know the right people. I had a free dinner the other day because my dad took us all out to eat for my sister’s b’day. When we still lived in the same town, my mum used to take me and my sister out for lunch regularly, so i’ve had many free lunches.

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