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How do I choose a dress for my school’s annual Cotillion?

Asked by mivyj (35points) September 7th, 2010

I’m looking for a dress for my school’s anual Cotillian and I have no idea what kind of dress i should buy, color and style wise. Im someone whose a bit more curvy.

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What kind of school do you go to? I didn’t think schools had cotillion’s anymore.

Ask your instructor if there is a dress code. Many cotillions require their members to wear a specific outfit, so ask before you show up.

The dresses used for fall/spring cotillion should be semi formal/formal. Light formal and a step above should be used, but nothing overly formal. It should be a reasonably “fun” event, with lightweight gowns dominating the dance floor. Don’t overdo it with something that won’t let you move freely during dancing…you need something that flows and moves with the body. It should be very modest – you’re showing that you’re a woman of substance and class, not that you’ve got a great rack or booty. Look in the department store’s prom dress section, or in stores like Anthropologie. The fall/winter cotillion consists of darker colors like that of red/black/navy, etc., while spring cotillion has lighter colors such as turquoise, pink, green, etc.

Wear dress shoes. Shoes are important because the cotillion participants will be on their feet for long periods of time. Shoes need to be comfortable. Wear the shoes the week before to limber them up and so your feet won’t ache all night.

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Here is some advice for a curvy figure.

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You can’t go wrong with a classic LBD. Then you can keep wearing the dress long after the days of Cotillion are over. If you are curvy, look for a style with a crossover or surplice bodice, as it will flatter your decolletage.

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@lonelydragon Just so long as it isn’t too little ;)

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There are usually guidelines for the dresses,, sometimes they are all alike. Ask the teacher/sponsor at the school. This is not a place to come to for advice here.

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My daughter was given specifics for dress requirements, the girls had to wear gloves and no straples dresses, things like that. My daughter went with a very simple dress, no sequins, no ruffels, just a simple sleeveless dress with a square neckline and ankle length, she wore black flats as she would be on her feet all evening (and she is 5’ 10”.) and of course her gloves. She wore a simple necklace. She was comforatable and met the requirements given. The girls were to wear a corsage and my daughter wore a wrist corsage that went on over her glove. Hope this helps, have a wonderful time.

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