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Simplest way to host a text online as reliably as possible?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) September 7th, 2010, etc come to mind.

But if you have any idea of an even stronger solution that can’t be edited by others please let me know.

With short urls ideal. Thanks

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If you need reliability, I’d go with something like Amazon S3, with buckets in two locations.

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I’m guessing those are similar to what you need: and

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Just to clarify that my desire is that it is likely to remain online for eternity (e.g. not be lost due to a crash of the server or a bad managed company or whatever) but still allows me to post a text online and get a URL for it and pronto, no registration etc.

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The purpose is mostly to be able to extend a few tweets now and then, but without having to host somewhere sequential.

Yeah @phoebusg thanks

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I second @robmandu‘s suggestion. Google Docs, for sure.

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I really dig Simplenote.

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@rexpresso I’d go with pastebin

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