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PiratePad alternative with HTML support?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) September 15th, 2010

I like a lot. It helps texts evolve having the easy ability of going back to an exact point in the past, and comparing.

But I now have pages to review that have links and all that.

PiratePad doesn’t support HTML so the links, formatting etc are gone.

Do you know of any alternative that can handle formatted text and HTML links, but is still easy to use?


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Google Docs doesn’t exactly do HTML but might have some of the features you’re looking for…EtherPad is the company/technology they acquired that runs PiratePad. Also one of the designers we’ve had work on Fluther helped design EtherPad—small world!

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Yeah @timtrueman thanks, GDocs really isn’t cutting it unfortunately.
What probably will work is to use Wordpress, which keeps previous versions of pages.
I will try that tomorrow.

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Google can give me fuck knows how many GBs of email but webspace? The answer to that question is no. What people need isn’t more storage space, it’s a universally accessible OS.

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PBworks is another good option to PiratePad, although it doesn’t quite have the “real time” feel of PiratePad. However, it has a great editor and does support HTML link, etc.

Incidently, the software that runs PiratePad (Etherpad) is open source, so you could host your own instance if you had the required knowledge to do so.

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@martyjacobs thanks for the idea of me hosting an Etherpad install! I’m gonna see how hard is it for me to translate it to my language and promote it nationally in a cool national domain :)

PBworks looks really interesting, I will look into it in detail. Thanks!

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