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Are you ever discouraged by Fluther?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32860points) September 7th, 2010

It could be for selfish reasons like not getting enough GAs or GQs. It could be the quality of answers to your question. It might be the quality—in your opinion—of the questions overall. But do you ever get discouraged by what happens or doesn’t happen on Fluther?

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I am – I learn a lot from this, actually and I coast the waves as they come, these days. I let it all go more easily, people will pass, so will their words.

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A little to much “hate the good for being good” for my liking. But generally, no, I am not discouraged.

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Not enough GA for a answer well thought of and well typed. But longer than most people’s reading habits – even by a few lines. Or starts in a way that doesn’t attract ‘the eye’. Too many GA’s for a funny – but empty one-liner joke in the general section.

Getting noticed that there is a new response, only to see that it’s just a personal remark/comment between 2 people that adds nothing to the discussion.

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Occasionally, I’ll read another answer that basically parrots the one I posted earlier and they received a QA mark. I just chalk it up to that poster being more eloquent in their response or mine being too lengthy that it gets passed up…or both. It doesn’t discourage me though. I look at it as an opportunity to better craft my responses and check the work before posting the next time. And what @phoebusg said. ^

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Yes sometimes.
I’m not sure why, maybe I expect too much.

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Sometimes I get discouraged by certain Q&A’s.

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I recently got out of a discouraged mood caused by my reaction to some of the comments from fellow Flutherites on some of the more controversial Q and A’s I’d participated in. Then I realised my discouragement was probably due more to my direct responses and the OP’s particular opinion, and that my view was just as relevant as theirs, just different and opposing.

This is also part of my own mental disposition.

I’m back now! Fluther’s great. :-)

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I used to be discouraged by the level of mischief and nonsense, but that seems to have gotten a lot better. Now it’s just a matter of repeat questions and ‘homework’ type questions that get me down.

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Very much so. The bigotry, hate and ignorance of some of the q&a’s really irritates me. And some Jellies can really be assholes sometimes.

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It sometimes seems that we don’t have as many in depth, well researched, thoughtful responses as we used to….the toss-offs get old.

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@phoebusg @Pied_Pfeffer @tinyfaery my sentiments exactly. There are some other little things I get annoyed at but then I must remember not to be so darn sensitive.

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I am sometimes discouraged by the behaviour of some Jellies. Fluther is a community and a few bad apples don’t diminish what Fluther is and strives to be. Between the efforts of our moderators and the private responses of individuals to Jellies who misbehave, our community polices itself and resists hatred and intolerance.

I have great respect for the Fluther community overall and the hard work of the developers and staff.

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I’ve only been discouraged once and it was in a specific question. I had went through a bit of work to get a solid answer, only to find out the person I was debating with went poof (as in no longer a user here) before he could see what I wrote. I really wanted to see his response, but oh well. At least the information is there for anyone else that needs it or wonders about it.

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once…upon a time

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Sometimes, but rarely. It is usually because I’m not getting the quality of answers that I’m looking for. Like I said, it rarely happens… and I usually chalk it up to being my own fault for not wording my question more clearly.
Otherwise.. no. I love the community, the staff is phenomenal (I recently said that I’ve never seen a site so dedicated to making it’s members happy, and I meant it.)
Overall, I have to say that any time I find myself feeling discouraged around here that it’s on me… and not so much about Fluther at all.

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Overall, no. There has been a moment or two where I’ve questioned the neccessity of some comments, etc. In general though, I find the fluther community to be uplifting, encouraging and helpful.

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Occasionally, I’ve been disappointed. Mostly by moderation decisions that were wrong. These decisions are discouraging, and several times I have left fluther for a while until I could be here without it annoying me so much.

The rest of it.. well, what do you expect when you get a bunch of strangers together? People can be rude (except me, of course ;-), and they can say mean things, and they can act stupid, and that’s just what happens when you get a bunch of people together. That stuff doesn’t discourage me.

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No. Fluther is what you make of it. It’s like a favorite bar that I hang out in, where everyone knows my name, where everyone is glad I came.

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I don’t really get discouraged; I get frustrated a little sometimes but as least as much, if not more with myself, than with other people here.

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@chyna You got me singing Cheers.
I am have not been discouraged in awhile which is good.
When I first got here they was somebody who didn’t like new people I guess. That water under the bridge now and I am still here.

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Fluther makes me discouraged with my self. It has taught me that I still cannot resist trolling even a little.

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From time to time, but mostly as a moderator, not as a member. When we get hit with big spam attacks and recurrent trolls, when members get into a flame war, when good folks quit over the actions of others (including mods)... those things are disheartening.

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I don’t like being misunderstood. Some people like a fight.

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Sometimes. It’s normally when people get into personal attacks or answer the question they want to answer instead of the question that was asked.

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@Deja_vu What? I don’t understand you.

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Some threads discourage me, particularly when people get annoyed and personal without provocation, or when people provoke such reactions. I’m not for a moment assuming my own innocence here. That is the nature of life though – you’ve got to take the good with the bad. On the whole, I still love this place.

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I was promised an ocean view in the 10K mansion, it’s been over 4 months and I am still waiting! Sheesh!

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I don’t care about the lurve things anymore since I’ve already learned that each Q and A is a great Q and A regardless of the amount of accumulated lurve,some lurve could come from dishonest people and vise versa but that doesn’t bother me anymore.

From what I’ve seen here,the quality of Q and A on fluther will depend on its cycle. You know,sometime there are times when fluther is visited by intelligence and respectful people and that is the time when you’ll get higher quality expectation,and vice versa.

I would not say that fluther discourages me. Yes,it used to be like that when I was having my language issue on fluther but people here are nice and they understand the situation and are willing to fix it.

I think Apathism from resident users is the major problem that discourages new users here,on fluther.

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I start to wince when I see “NSFW”. I mean… seriously? Do you really have to ask total strangers where to put it, how to wash it or what’s supposed to be oozing out of it? Come on.

But I’m here every day so I must not be too discouraged. ;-)

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I use to, then I got use to all you Douchebags. ;-)

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^And us to you. :-)

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^ See, now that is love! ^

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Fluther, I wish I could quit you.

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I’ve been thinking about one that might be considered discouraging. Upon reading a question and having the desire to respond to it, I feel an obligation to read through all of the answers before responding. If someone responds as I would, I just mark it as a GA and move on, unless it is a poll-type question.

Often in reading through all of the responses, the OP adds additional information, be it facts or clarification. The same goes for reading through the description of the question; it sometimes doesn’t come close to what the question is. ( @wundayatta once made a comment about this on a thread.) If I am going to respond, I have an obligation to review and interpret the facts, and ask more questions before responding if it isn’t clear. I’m not great at it, and I understand why it frustrates some of the OPs when I answer upon my first thought instead of getting the nuance to their question.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’ve found that if it’s really long (over 50 posts) I’ll write that I didn’t read all the responses, so if I missed something, could the OP please reply with the permalink for me. I haven’t had anyone have a problem yet. That way, I can get to the nuance without spending 3 hours catching up for 1 response.

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@worriedguy NSFW? When everyone knows the acronyms, such are fine. But when we don’t know… Is there a list of acronyms on Fluther anywhere?

@papayalily If a few paragraphs each then my limit is more likely 20 – 25, unless I really get engrossed. But a line or two then I might read the 50 posts. It all depends on how I feel at the time.

@Doctor_D Your English is good, and you are to be applauded for mastering the English language with all its exceptions to grammatical rules.

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@Andreas Not Safe For Work. It is used to indicate sexual or other mature content.

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