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Pre-marital money talk?

Asked by Carol (731points) September 7th, 2010

I’m amazed that money, the topic couples fight most about in marriage, is not discussed before marriage. Why don’t couples talk about it before they get married?

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They don’t want to deal with it – I suppose it’s not a topic of romance and of love – many couples do, however – we were a couple that did discuss it, among other things.

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We were too in love to worry about money. It won’t happen if I get married the second time. Money should be fully discussed before marriage.

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Geez. Maybe we weren’t in love. We discussed money before hand. We lived together before hand, too.

There are a lot of things that couples don’t talk about before hand. Money is one of those things. There are a lot of others, and all should be discussed prior to marriage.

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People are foolish.
A couple can be twice as foolish as a single person.

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We talked about money before we got married (along with several other things). I imagine some couples just think it won’t be a problem for them so they don’t talk about it.

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Yes, very important.

I have a healthy attiude about money.

Spend some, save some, give some away.

I cannot be with a total cheapskate.

I am a very down to earth woman and don’t spend my money on a lot of ‘typical’ female foolishness, BUT…when I spend, I spend with total joy and do not want anyone choking on their sushi in the background.

Some women will spend $600 on a purse, I’ll be in a hot air balloon drinking champagne. haha
Money…definitley a his & hers affair.

He has his and I have mine! lol

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Absolutely. Each person has to be able to respect the other enough to confide their spending and saving habits, good and bad ones. To help one another then weaknesses as well as strengths must be known and used to their best advantage. For instance, the partner who makes a smaller income might the one out of the two who is more organized and a better budgeter and so better suited to pay out the bills and manage savings.

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I don’t know how someone can NOT discuss it – like it or not, it’s an important factor in the relationship. I wonder if those who don’t discuss it, also don’t enter into any kind of marriage contract?

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