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Have you flown Spirit Air?

Asked by lilikoi (10105points) September 7th, 2010

Is it one of those airlines that charges you for the life vest and oxygen mask? Or one of the those that employs unqualified pilots? Why are their fares so cheap?

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I have. Their newer planes are very nice, I think they were Airbus 300’s the older ones were McDonnell Douglas. They may have changed the whole fleet by now, they were in the process of buying new planes when I lived in FL. They have a very inexpensive upgrade to first class which is nice. Many times it is just $50 more. I don’t know what they charge for luggage, because that all started after I moved

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Thanks for the info.

Their flights to Central America are about half (maybe 60%) the price of TACA. I just think that is strange.

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I’ve read over and over that their customer service especially for complaints is horrific to non-existent, but I had a happily uneventful and cheap round trip flight with them from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to San Jose, Costa Rica.

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I would do a happy dance if they flew out of my airport. The airport where I live has the wonderful distinction of being the 11th most expensive airport in the US. It would be nice to get a discount airline here.

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Their seats are uncomfortable, they do have upcharges for everything, and the attitude of the CEO sucks, but if you can get past that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the mechanical aspects of their flying. We have also found that soemtimes their fares are cheaper and sometimes not.

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Aren’t they the ones that charge you for carryon luggage?

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I did, and I didn’t like them…and, I wouldn’t say that they very cheap..same like some others

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