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Is there somewhere to (legally) watch past episodes of "Being Human" online?

Asked by Seek (34739points) September 8th, 2010

I’ve recently gotten into this show (on BBC America, Saturday nights at nine!) and really want to see the first season. Hulu came up nothing, as did the BBC America website.

Anyone know?

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Seek, i went to Being Human bbc and found some information. there may a link on that page that will help you. john

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…Did you just tell me to Google it?

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No. on my homepage i just typed in the above and it appeared.

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Sidereel provides links to view it. Strictly speaking the links may not be legal, but you don’t have to download anything either.

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@AKA Ha ha, That’s what I ended up doing, through MegaVideo.

So, now I’m caught up with the rest of America, and only two episodes behind Britiain. I’m already on pins and needles for the third season.

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