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Have any of you tried the "digital drugs" or "i-dosing?" What did you think of it? Does it work?

Asked by CutestManda (65points) September 8th, 2010

I’m in pain constantly and can’t always get in touch with my Dr.s when I need relief. Just wondered if there is anything to it.

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It’s amazing what psychosomatics can do.

No, it doesn’t work, not any more than the Skittles your 8th grade mate told you were ecstasy did. Any effect you get – it’s all in your head.

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I went so far as to look up the “gates of hell” or whatever it’s called, just to see what all the ranting and raving from paranoid mothers was about. It’s just annoying. I didn’t hear voices, I didn’t see spots, I didn’t get “creeped out”... all I got was a headache.

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I’ve tried most of the i-doser files before.

The only one that had any effect was something like “atom bomb” but it just made me enter a faint hypnotic state. No hallucinations or anything like that.

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I use the “Sleeping Angel” one to help me sleep. It works for me, I use it almost every night. I haven’t really tried any of the others.

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Hey, guys.. Just wanted to let you know that there have been previous discussions on the topic of iDosing, in case anyone is interested in reading up on the experiences and such that folks have posted there.

Info on iDosers, and effects of each one?
Have you heard of I-Doser? If so, what is your opinion/experiences?

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I guess they have a placebo effect for some. They didn’t work for me. Are you talking about binaural beats? They play two sounds at a slightly different frequency (in each speaker or headphones) to create a “beating” or “oscillating” sensation. Basically binaural beats are an audio illusion.

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