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Are there any printing shops in the Bay Area willing to rpovide in-kind printing services to a San Francisco nonprofit?

Asked by ntc (6points) March 12th, 2007
I work for Asylum Access, an innovative refugee rigths organization. We are planning our second annual Spring Soiree fundraiser and need to send out about 1000 invitations. Do any of you other nonprofit professionals out there have any connections that might be useful?
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I might actually try to hit up the big companies first. Staples is often very willing to do free printing for non-profits, if you show up and talk nice with the manager.
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yeah, I second that-- I have gotten Staples branches to print a bunch of things for free for various non-profit projects.
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If you do end up paying for it, Inkworks in Oakland is a union printing shop and they do great work.
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a colleague just told me we've used Design Action Collective here in the bay area and they've donated the design for free.
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Check out link in Walnut Creek not sure if they’ll do it for free but they do good work and offer many different kinds of products

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