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Are Conspiracy Theorist just looking for attention?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) September 9th, 2010

I’m not happy to say, but I have a few friends, and even a couple of family members who blow up my email with Conspiracy Theory.

Everything from Obama being the Anti-Christ to Planet X collision on 2012.

In every situation, those who send me these emails have either lost their job, lost their SO, is depressed, or generally doesn’t have anything notable to speak of for their life goals.

It’s almost like since they don’t have anything going on, they’re looking for some kind of validation or attention by enlightening me with secret knowledge that only they have been made privy to. It seems like a way of saying, “Although my life sucks right now, I want you to know that I’m still special.”

To make things worse, instead of getting up and exercising, or doing something special for themselves, they tend to fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of Conspiracy Theory. It also seems like they complain about society a lot more than before. As if looking for someone or something to blame their dour outlook upon.

Am I mistaken here? Or should I heed their secret wisdom by storing food and batteries preparing to protect my children from the jaws of doom?

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Sounds like a conspiracy theory by the right wing to keep the unemployed otherwise occupied so that they won’t help bring the economy back and hence make Obama look bad so he can be talked about like a dog.

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I think that a lot of conspiracy theorists really do believe their conspiracy theories. That said, they probably get a kick out of sharing.
In any case, it’s a good idea to keep some emergency supplies handy. This is Tornado Country, and Ice-Storm-That-Knocks-Out-Power-For-Three-Days-In-January-Country, after all.

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I think its a conspiracy theory by the left wing to keep the unemployed otherwise occupied, since the left are the ones keeping everyone unemployed.

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I dont know… it’s a conspiracy.

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Some conspiracy theories are plain idiotic. Like Kennedy being killed by a lone gunman. It must be obvious by now to almost everyone that Oswald could not have been the only shooter.

And the Oklahoma bombing by Tim McVey. Why was there no crater under the vehicle that exploded.

And the 911 Twin Towers. Why was there evidence of thermite found melded into the beams found in the wreckage?

The list goes on and on. Sometimes it seems that those laughing at conspiracy theories are themselves victims of a conspiracy.

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Conspiracy theorists are looking for the comforting hand of control where there is none. It’s much easier to live in a world where someone is in charge, even though that might be a kind of danger, than it is to live in a world of coincidence and what’s more chaos.

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It comes down to the issue. Some may hold more weight than others. I’m not a conspiracy person on most things but there are a few things I question. We should all look at everything with an open mind and not be blindly brainwashed. It can be more dangerous not to question anything as well. I agree that many (like 2012) are out just to make money by selling survival books for Armageddon. Some hold more weight to me, like Roswell and Kennedy. Outside of maybe a handful of cases I am skeptical of most conspiracy theories myself.

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Well as this rare lost footage clearly demonstrates, some theories should be taken….......seriously?

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Sounds like a conspiracy by the right wing Lizard People to keep the unemployed otherwise occupied so that they won’t help bring the economy back and hence make Obama The Freemasons look bad so he they can be be talked about like a dog Usher in the return of Quetzalcoatl.

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I really don’t see what the big deal is with Oswald and the Multiple Shooters. So they missed one. It happens. Guy’s probably dead by now anyway.

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Speaking for myself, it’s an obsession with solving a gigantic problem—that the world really is upside-down—coping with fear, and something along the lines of a belief that waking people up will make a material difference. Imagine, for a moment, the feeling of realizing that your life’s education is a sham and now you have to reexamine everything you thought you knew in just a year or two. Also, imagine that your whole livelihood and civilization is based on a systematic grinding of human populations into dust. It’s hardly bearable to live with all that much less maintain the trappings of normality.

While it’s a shame they are relying on e-mail, what they are likely doing is processing their fear and trying at some juncture to figure out a resolution to this crazy dilemma of either saying fuck it and going back to being a cog in the system or pushing further for some kind of way out. It’s difficult if not impossible to “unsee” this stuff, which is probably why they can’t maintain a normal life. Try for yourself acting opposite of your most closely held beliefs and see how easy that is.

The answer, as far as I’ve gotten is to remember that love and connection trumps fear and evil and that it starts inside rather than sending out ripples of fear and bile via e-mail.

They’re not looking for attention beyond their desire to wake people up. They are looking for some hint that others understand them and for a resolution to their problem.

This phenomenon dovetails with Zbigniew Brzenzki(sp?)‘s assessment to the CFR that the world is politically awake like never before in human history (you’ll have to look it up). So, it’s not all a bunch of bullshit, although there is much more bullshit out there to try and keep people in the dark about what’s really going on.

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@Nullo The big deal is that the citizens of the US were lied to about the assassination to keep them complacent and make things life as usual.
There was a commission set up to convince us there was no conspiracy and no other shooters. The Warren Commission, which was headed by then US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. Among the members on that sham commission was Gerald Ford…later a US President.
This was a coup d’etat, and we were lied to by the participants. The US went down a road she may not have traveled had this coup d’etat not taken place.
That is the big deal.

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Depends. I agree with @Ben_Dover largely. What some people call conspiracy theory, I would call really looking at facts in a logical way. Which may not be the same facts we have been taught. Do I believe that wars were started through inside jobs and false flag operations? Yes. Do I think the CIA killed Kennedy? Sure do. Am I buying in to David Icke’s lizard theories? Uh, no.

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@lazydaisy Icke had to promote the lizard theories or else lose his life. He was pretty much right on about the rest, but this is all info he was paid by the illuminati to expose them. Yes, you read that right.
The illuminati constantly and consistently show their hand, knowing most will poopoo the whole thing as a conspiracy and leave them to continue their choke-hold on the rest of humanity.
Why do you think all of their mumbo jumbo is plastered all over the dollar bill?
So Icke was allowed to spill the beans, but he had to throw in the lizard people theory to make reasonable laugh at his entire premise.
It was a really a smooth move on both his part and the part of the Masons.
They once again get the laugh on us as they actually expose themselves through Icke’s book , “The Biggest Secret” and Icke gets to publish his book and live.

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You guys are talking about some crazy crazy shit that I’ve never even heard of. The first question I have is Who is They?

@lazydaisy used to ask a question on forums, it went:
“Who are you and what does it matter?

I propose the same question about the “they” everyone seems to be talking about.

Is there one big “they”? Or are there may different little groups of “they”?.

As far as I’m concerned, the terminology should be addressed first and foremost. As I see it, We are They. In that light, this is an US issue. Not a We vs Them issue.

And if We can’t get a handle around the entire Thang, then I have no concern that They would be capable of doing as such either.

Sure, there are those who plot in secret. I’m planning a vacation as we speak and there is nothing anyone can do to discover my intentions for it. Does that make me on of them?.

Point being, I believe it is the very foundation of human perspective that is broken here. And it prevents US from thinking intelligently upon any spectrum of the matter. If We can get past the Us vs Them mentality, then We can address All concerns with profitable insights.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies, your sentiment isn’t inaccurate, but it also doesn’t speak to the entire picture and reveals some naivete on your part, which is fine. It’s futile with 99% of these discussions to try to change anyone’s mind, so that’s not really my intent in responding to your questions. This is just to answer them from a “conspiracy theorist” perspective.

One way of describing the “they” might be those who corral public opinion and ensure complacency or compliance to push agendas forward via a formula called “problem reaction solution.” So say, for example, the agenda is to create a new century of American global dominance (since we no longer have significant enemies), which would require some significant military buildup and broad military action like a couple of wars. Well, obviously average Americans aren’t going to get on board with major defense budget increases and attacks on other countries just because we have a unique opportunity in history to seal the deal on world domination, so “they” need a catalyst to get the American public on board. How about introducing the problem of a “new Pearl Harbor?” Great! Let’s do it, and we can blame it on the Muslims. Great! So we get our 9/11 and the media makes sure everybody knows its bin Laden and his terrorists and now that the public is filled with righteous indignation (the reaction) we can get our wars off the ground and chip away at civil rights vis a vis a Department of Homeland Security (the solution). Now even that example doesn’t cover all the “conspiracy facts” about the 9/11 prism, but there’s your example of the “they.” “They” killed 3,000 (or however many) U.S. civilians to push this agenda forward, although it’s not untrue to say that “we” did it as well by participating in a bigger picture of being dutiful corporate consumers.

While it hardly needs to be said, your vacation example is beyond silly. First, there are a number of ways to discover your intentions, because a) you (like everyone else who’s normal) are fairly predictable, and b) your predictability can be honed into understanding of your intentions by pulling your e-mail, telephone conversations, social network, search history and credit card purchases. Are you planning a secret vacation to influence others into doing your bidding without their informed consent? Are you doing it on a mass population scale? Then you aren’t one of “them.”

As you say, the foundation of human perspective is broken. One might also say it’s partially blind. Am I a “we” person when I feel sorry and send $1.50 a day to Africa to feed a hungry child in a nameless country with a useless government or when I try to wake people up to the fact that global corporations and U.S. foreign policy conspire to prop up and pay off bad governments who allow or are forced to allow said corporations to extract that country’s natural resources for pennies on the dollar (so that we can all have our iPods), when that country could in all likelihood solve their hunger and poverty issues through fair market trade of those resources? Which delusion, in this case, prevents us from thinking intelligently and coming to profitable insights?

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To the 911 issue. Am I mistaken that Bin Laden has accepted full responsibility? What pray tell shall I consider him, a “they”? Is he in cahoots with secret American Global Dominationist? What incentive would Bin Laden have to do this if he were forced to live the rest of his life underground?

I don’t consider corporate agenda to be conspiracy. As I said before, a conspiracy must have some conspiratorial plan in place. I would have to see those plans in order to believe in one. Otherwise I’ll write it all off to corporate profiteering and greed. And if those corporations engineered a plan to put “their stupe” in office to better facilitate their goals, well, is that really conspiracy, or just a well executed business maneuver?

And no, sorry, there is no possible way that anyone could be capable of discovering my vacation plans. You won’t even be able to track my movements because I’ve been saving up cash for just this purpose. My mother doesn’t even know I’m planning one, much less an email trail that could predict it. As far as you know, my use of the term “vacation” is code for something entirely different. Perhaps I need to disappear to make a drug run. Perhaps not.

I just don’t see the secret society incentive. I’m sure there are some good old boys clubs out there who tend to do business differently with members only than with JQpublic. But is that really conspiracy or just beneficial earned associations? Even I tend to work with those who I consider on my team, and to get on my team, you’ll need to spend some time on the outside looking in for a while. And while you’re looking in, you’ll only be privy to that which I decide to share with you.

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Whatever, man. I’m not sure why you asked the questions if you have all the answers.

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@kevbo hahaha True Dat!

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I didn’t give any answers. Just conjecture, examples, and more questions.

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If you have such a hard on for well executed business maneuvers, why don’t you read about the Business Plot.

Is your “my team” mentality and secret vacation part of your “we” philosophy?

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I love that question…... I also used to ask one ‘how many people have to believe something is true before it isn’t a conspiracy anymore’
I imagine all of the people who were sure the world was round were thought of as total nuts.

‘they’ is everyone who isn’t me. ‘we’ is people who agree with ‘me’. It might be an ‘us’ issue, but since we can so easily slide through ‘they’ and ‘we’ there can be no ‘us’.

What could be the purpose of your super secret vacation plans? Do you want to go off the grid? will people not understand? ask too many questions? Personal secrets are one thing, but sometimes, on a larger scale, there should be more transparency

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Those are good points @kevbo, but I don’t know what the Business Plot is or where to find it. That is the type of thing I was asking for though, to confirm a conspiracy theory. I would like to see actual documentation that demonstrates a plan to conspire against a group of people for any given reason by way of deception and covert activities.

Perhaps it’s just one guy who has it all worked out in his mind so well that he can keep track of dishing out disconnected individual orders to subordinates who are clueless as to the larger implications of their actions. That’s a pretty smart fella if he can keep track of that.

That actually happened to me. A competing photographer went to the trouble of taking a distasteful photograph, put my name on it, printed up postcards, and sent them out to my clients as a fake promotional card designed to ruin my reputation. The printer didn’t know. The postman didn’t know. They were used as unwitting dupes to help fulfill his plan.

Alas, we share some of the same freelance assistants. And he couldn’t resist confiding in one of them over drinks one night. His “conspiracy” against me had been uncovered because of his inability to resist his pride bragging about his cleverness. And his perceived inner circle was not so “inner” to him as he had supposed. His boat of secrecy sprang a leak, even though he had never written the plan down, nor shared it with anyone while executing the plan.

And that’s my point. The larger the supposed conspiracy, the more opportunity for leaks to occur. And some of these purported conspiracies are downright global and diabilical in nature. How could such a secret be kept while it was going on and especially after it occurred? It just doesn’t seem plausible to me to expect that level of secretive cooperation from people.

My secret vacation is definitely a Me operation. Or is it? If I simply want to get away without dealing with jumping through validation and judgment of friends and family, then it’s a Me thing. But if I’m hooking up with an X-lover of days gone by, or making a covert drug run, then my co-conspirators and I become the mysterious “They” of conspiratorial legend.

And the “My Team” rap was only to illustrate that We all could be looked at as a They in any situation that we find ourselves in where we simply choose to work with those who have earned their reputations for the good of the group involved. But one looking in from the outside has not earned the respect of the team, so every little detail of our operation is not shared with them. Stick around long enough, earn your participation through reliability and trust, and you will be made privy to all my little secrets of photoshop and how to light a set and talk a model into such a comfort level that the photograph has my unique signature on it.

Do you have a personal Lawyer, a Doctor, perhaps a Plumber? If so, don’t you use them because of the earned trust and confidentiality? If so, doesn’t that make you and your Plumber co-conspirators when you as a team “conspire” against local plumbing ordinances in order to get off on the cheap? Both you and your Plumber have great incentive to keep it secret or otherwise get fined… Right?

Well, my Plumber (Jones) was referred to me by a friend (Bob). Jones the Plumber also knew a few other friends of mine. So Jones the Plumber just figured that I was part of the group and down with the team. As human nature begs, Jones just couldn’t resist bragging about the improper fixes that he made for our friend Steve. He thought they’d really gotten over on the City Inspector, fooling him into issuing a passed inspection. Imagine the SHOCK that Steve had when I called him up (as a joke) acting as a city inspector informing him of my knowledge of the sewer connection. “Your occupancy permit is revoked until you tear up the basement concrete and redo the sewer connection”. Oh damn was that ever a bad joke.

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Ooops! Not Steve… It’s Bob, Bob I tell youforget Steve, forget I ever mentioned the name.


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