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Looking for the name of an item that I will try to describe in the details.

Asked by BraveWarrior (1330points) September 9th, 2010

It is a small metal piece. When flat, it is round on the bottom with a tab at the top. When I was a child & I went to somewhere like a museum, after I paid I would get one & you would either put the tab through a button hole & bend it or bend it around a collar lapel. It would have the name of the place on the round part & the bent tab would be hidden & would hold it in place. Not sure how else to describe it. Anyone have any idea of what this would be called? I don’t even know what words to try to do an online search for it. Thanks very much for your time!

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I would go with “clip-on pin”

Like they give you to wear at museums.

“clip-on” coming from clip-on earrings. But I made that up. I don’t know if there is a real name for them.

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Is it an identifier so the staff would know that you paid an admission to be there?

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@woodcutter Yes, I believe so. Or else it would show that you donated to a fundraiser or the like. It is a flat metal piece that sits tightly on the button hole or collar lapel. I think they were usually about ½ inch in diameter.

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Ahh!!! I started with clip-on pin & then tried metal tab pins & I found them here:

Thank you, @ipso

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