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What's the best way to go about making a high-detail cast of my own foot?

Asked by sandalman (428points) September 9th, 2010

I’m an aspiring digital sculptor, and the foot is one of my biggest problems. As someone on a budget, is there a cheap and good way to make cast of my own foot, so that I can study it? I also need any recommended solutions to be deliverable to Singapore, as I live here.

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You might try this. I’m certain you could obtain the materials to do this locally. I can’t remember the name of the soft gooey stuff you use to make the mold, but the cast is generally made from plaster of paris. Good luck!

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@augustlan You may be thinking of moulage. It’s a liquid rubber that is used in mold making

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If memory serves there was a production put out by “Pink House”. I watched about 10 yrs ago showing how to make a mold.
edit; I just googled pinkhouse and there it is.

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Candle wax it!

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The best material for doing life casting is this stuff called Alginate—it makes a short term negative mold (stable for a few hours) so you can then cast plaster into it to make the positive.

Alginate is super-cheap, and super easy to deal with.

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The very best way is to first use a liquid casting silicone and brush a couple layers over your foot to make a “glove” mold. You can find fast curing versions of this type of liquid silicone . Once that is cured, you will need to make a clam shell mother mold out of plaster. This will support the thin glove mold when you pour your first “master” casting. This is probably the more costly way to do a casting but will pick up every pore and hair on your foot.

Another way would be to use a construction grade silicone from hardware store but mind you this is an adhesive and will stick to your foot if you don’t use a good release agent and it is very thick and not well suited for high detail molds. I tell my customers to mix a teaspoon of water and about 3 tablespoons of mineral spirits into a tube of silicone to thin it out and I might suggest Vaseline as a release agent to keep the silicone from sticking. I would also shave off any hairs for obvious reasons.

This company specializes in casting products and has great “how-to’s” on what I described.

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I’m with @grumpyfish….Alginate all the way. Though my experiences with it were a bit tricky.
Here’s some info

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