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What is something good that I can bring for lunch?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) February 2nd, 2009

I’m tired of spending $10.00 every day for a crappy lunch at my school. What are some ideas for good, non-gross, non-leftover, appealing foods that I can pack?

I don’t want anything that will smell or look gross when I take it out of the bag. I don’t like meat, because I feel it’s supposed to be eaten fresh, and not contained in a bag for 4 hours. Any tricks for keeping bread from going soggy? Also, cutlery and tupperware can be a problem because I have no where to store dirty spoons or forks.

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One of my favorites used to be pita bread, sliced cheese to put inside, and an apple. Wrap the cheese separately and don’t put it into the bread until you’re ready to eat it. No hardware needed, and a little disposable plastic wrap or waxed paper will take care of you.

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Flat bread, filled with honey and oats. Tried it once while camping. I am now addicted.

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Fresh cut salad in a Ziplock bag + PB&J sandwich (or whatever you like) wrapped in aluminum foil to prevent sogginess + baby carrots (can be in salad bag) + trail mix. Other options = any kind of easy to microwave meal (I assume you have an access to microwave in the cafetaria or something?). Possible microwave meal = rice w/ whatever you like. Vegetarian Rice (rice with vegetables) is only one of many options. Obviously, something like that will take more planning. You can cook all your “microwave meals” over the weekend, refrigerate/freeze and use throughout the week.

Hmm other options, pita bread with hummus (I personally hate hummus, but to each his own), french bread cut in a concave shape which is stuffed with any kind of filling (again, wrap w/ foil), any of those Soups to go (that you just need to add hot water or microwave). When I think of more, I’ll write back. As for cutlery, buy a lunch box, and plastic spoons/forks. Fill box, use spoon, close box, place box back in bag, dispose spoon in trash bin. Voila.

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Bring a burrito!!!! All the stuff is supposed to be mixed up in it anyway. Anddddd it’s super tasty.
Oh shit, I like burritos.

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well…I rarely pack a lunch, but if you use tupperware, you can put the dirty spoon and fork inside the tupperware after you’re done using it.

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A nice cheese spread with crackers. You can have pre-cut sausage/cheese with crackers also. Not very messy, or smelly.

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Pasta salad is good.

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I take salad greens in a tupperware container. I sprinkle in whatever else is on hand, like cheese shreds, diced ham, leftover chicken from fajitas, taco filling, whatever. Add salsa and chips or salad dressing and croutons just before eating.

Small tupperware containers of fruit are good. You can fold up a paper towel to keep underneath fresh berries or grapes so they drain after washing.

How about everyone’s favorite, beans and weenies? Those heat up nicely in the microwave, and everyone will secretly covet your lunch.

Leftover rice is easy to dress up with soup, sweet and sour sauce, etc. Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice packets are quick and easy, too.

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I’m a big fan of peanut butter sandwiches – you can put all sorts of things with the PB to get some variety, and it’s fine if you can’t refrigerate it for a few hours. My favorite PB pairings are honey, bananas, chocolate chips, nutella, and of course, all different kinds of jam – you can eat peanut butter sandwiches for a whole week and never have the same thing twice!

A good trick for keeping things cold, if you want to bring cheese or egg salad or something like that, is to bring water or juice with you, and put it in the freezer the night before (I used juice boxes when I was younger, but bottles of juice work well too). It works as an ice pack to keep your lunch cold in the bag, and it’ll be thawed by the time you’re ready to eat.

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Cut up veggies and put them in a ziplock bag in Italian dressing and just use a plastic fork to eat it out of the bag. Don’t use bread use a torilla wrap and put all the fixins in seperate baggies. Cheese sticks are good to they don’t need to be cold when you eat them.

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