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How do I get candle wax out of a glass jar?

Asked by WestRiverrat (20057points) September 10th, 2010

I have several scented candles that are almost used up.

How can I safely get the last bit of wax out of the jars? I want to use some of them for planters or vases. But I have two I want to turn into candy/treat containers.

I have heard you can put them in a pot with hot water and melt the wax out. Will this ruin the pot for cooking? Will the jars then be safe to use for food?

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Put them in the frizzer

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I agree. Pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then the wax will shatter right out.

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I’ve never had trouble with putting them in a pot of hot water, it is usually quick and easy. Never heard of putting them in the freezer.. but sounds like a really good idea.

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Run the glass under some hot water in the sink, the wax will pop right out.

Worked great for me.

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Seeking that you are going to clean the vessels anyhow, boil some water, and put in some dishwashing liquid or some other greese cutter like Simply Green. Allow to sit, and the cleaner/soap will work its way behind the wax breaking its grip on the glass, etc. Then with a stiff brush swirl it around and down the toilet it goes.

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Really, all you need to do is use hot water. The wax will melt and you can get it out, then you can use soap or whatever cleaning product.

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I tried the freezer thing, didn’t work for me as well as hot water. Or I put the oven on warm and sit them in for a few. If you want to use them for something else, try putting paper towels in them after the chunks of wax are out and heat them up again. The towels absorb the rest of the wax.

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Add to the jar a generous portion of xylene—the solvent found in products like Goof-Off or Oops!—then place the whole thing in hot water to speed the dissolution of the wax. Let us know if it works. The xylene is so volatile there should be no residue, but I’d wash it with soap & water afterward.

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Are they scented candles? If they are heavily scented, I wouldn’t use them for food after you get the wax out. We use a lot of candles during our ‘dark times’ in the winter. I’ve always run hot water on the outside of the glass or metal holder to heat it up and then the wax comes right out, but I’ve never tried to get them so clean I could eat out of it. With the heavily scented candles, I don’t think the smell will ever really come out and what ever food you put in it will get tainted with the smell. ick.


Freeze it then chip it out with a butterknife. Or heat the bottom of the holder with fire and pour out the melted wax.

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I would melt it, pour it out and then just wash the pot with normal detergent while it’s still hot. Soak in a solution of bicarb, or even just water & vinegar, if there is any lingering scent.

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