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Do you like raw oysters and if so, are they chewed or just swallowed?

Asked by Aster (18996points) September 11th, 2010

I hope I never find out if I like them or not.

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You got to chew them up to get the full effect, it’s too easy for the squimish just to slide em on down. Chew, bite them in half, good times.

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Our family loves raw oysters. They are chewed, as they are eaten on a Saltine cracker with a dash of cocktail sauce. Our family would love to have a guest like you around when we crack open a fresh quart; it means more for us.

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I love ‘em and I chew ‘em, either solo or on a cracker. There are many, many types of oysters, some bigger, some smaller; some sweeter, some saltier. You’re really missing one of the life’s great delicacies, @Aster.

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@Austinlad They look rubbery. Gray, slimy and rubbery. At least lobster is white and non-slimy. shudders

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I love oysters. I eat them raw, chewing them of course. I even had a can today.

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