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Any teachers out there have information (generally) on certification and student teaching?

Asked by Les (10005points) March 27th, 2008

I am going to be getting my Masters (in Atmospheric Science) in about a year, and I am thinking I might want to be a high school teacher. Because I didn’t get my undergrad degree in education, or have pursued that path up until now, I am a bit confused as to what will be required of me once I have this second degree. How long does it take to get a certificate? Will I be able to just take the classes required, or will I actually have to become a “real” student again? How long does student teaching tend to last? Any other info would be really helpful. I know certification requirements vary by state, I just thought maybe there were some general ideas.

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It varies widely by state and by how badly the state needs teachers.

As a general rule, it’s about a year’s worth of classes, plus student teaching, and you can usually take them at night. If you’re in a state that really needs teachers, you might be able to get provisional certification and then take the required classes over the next few years.

Your best bet, as you’re in school now, is to consult the education department—they can give you more concret information.

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This question is very difficult to answer without knowing which state you are in. You can look at for information on credentials to be certified across the states.

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Unless you want to teach in France I can’t help.

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Alright, well, thanks anyway. I want to teach in Illinois, if anyone sees this still, and has Illinois information.
@ds: If I spoke French, then that might be an option. As it stands, I only know a little Russian. ;-)

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@DS: I’d actually like to teach in France. What do you know?

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