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How do I find out what towers AT&T uses in our area?

Asked by gummer8 (1points) March 27th, 2008

We suspect something has changed with our cell carrier – phone used to work here and overnight there is no/1 bar of service.

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towers are used by a multi of carriers.

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jailbreak has a feild test app. On my razor you can do some crazy stuff with feild testing option. I have not tried it on my iphone yet.

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jeffit is right, towers are used by multiple carriers, but I do recall an issue when the iPhone was released, some people were coming into the store claiming the same issue (I was security for the release) the masses registering their iPhones, and AT&T registering new accounts, caused parts of the network to crash, limiting signal to many users.

try again in the morning, it could be something like a network update, a tower update, or even the weather, that’s been known to happen to me before…

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