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What would the verb be for being active on Fluther?

Asked by harple (10441points) September 12th, 2010

If you are active with Twitter, you Tweet… What would be the equivalent for the act of using Fluther?

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Fluthering, I think.

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I think it is Flutherating.

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Jelly baiting or jellyrizing.

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I call it playing! :¬)

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Hmmm…. so what would it be in the context of to do?... (as in “I Tweet”, as opposed to “I am Tweeting”)

You (singular) ...
You (plural) ...

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I came, I saw, I Fluthered.

Mission accomplished.

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@Bluefreedom nice… :-) ......... and in the present tense?..........

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I fluther, I am fluthering.

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I agree with @downtide, however, if you aren’t contributing anything, it’s more like flutherbating.

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@harple. I am diligently fluthering in the here and now. =)

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So the consensus is I fluther, he/she fluthers, they fluther etc etc? No temptation to fluth? flit? flute? fellate? (oops!)

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Fluthering. To fluther. Definitely!

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Oh yeah – it’s definitely to fluther. @marinelife and I have been doing it for years.

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I bow down to your greater wisdom :-)

(You don’t mind if I flit do you?... I quite like that… No? Oh, okay then!)

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@harple You can only flit if you want to be a twit. Just kidding.

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AstroChucking, I believe. As in “I really need to AstroChuck a little less and get some work done.”

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Im with ‘Fluthering’ definitely.

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@ratboy The light helps us think!

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Floothing, fluthing, ... these are horrible…

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