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Should this UK teen be banned from US for life?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) September 13th, 2010

Apparently a UK teenager called President Obama a p***k and is now banned for life from going to the US. Apparently, what he did qualifies as one of the 60 reasons you can be barred entry into the US. I ask the jellies here is this simply enforcing protocol or a bit of over reacting?

Eitherway, I guess if this is the case, I should expect a knock on my door any day now!

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You’re getting your news from The Sun? Really?

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Well I think it was a little extreme. I mean . Here it is a free country. Someone called him a liar and they are not banned.

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Foreigners in our country are guests. If they can’t be polite, we should not invite them over as guests again.

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@papayalily It was a tough choice….the Sun article or Fox new’s version

Yahoo has thrown their hat into the ring now as has about 1,000 other news agencies.

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I think all people from the UK should be banned from coming to the US. ;-)

Unless I say so.

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In another 861 days from today, the next president will probably make it a personal point to invite him.

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@Cruiser Well, for the time being, I ain’t bovvered.

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@CyanoticWasp Are you suggesting the next Pres carry on the tradition of another beer summit??

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If that’s the only reason, then it’s overreacting.

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That’s ridiculous.

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If it happened in China, you’d call it a telling example of how barbarically undemocratic, un-free and arbitrary their society is.

But then, in China, at least they have a great big fucking warning sign when you get off the train from Hong Kong, explaining that such behaviour is strictly prohibited.

There is no such sign in the USA, but hey, I’m sorry, I thought this was America?

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@papayalily – Lurve for the Lauren Cooper reference!

Oh, threatening him! That’s totally different. No assassins allowed.

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@Cruiser From what I can tell, he wasn’t banned for calling Obama a prick, he was banned for threatening Obama. Rather large difference there.

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@papayalily yeah, we shouldve all read a bit further into it. I heard “The Sun” mentioned, they have a habit of sensationalism. In fact they simply are sensationalist.

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@The_Idler, them and The Daily Fail. Ugh.

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@The_Idler Right now, it’s mostly tabloids and anything owned by Murdoch running it, so I’m not putting a whole lot of weight on the story just yet.
@aprilsimnel Lol, I hadn’t heard that one. That’s cute.

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Apparently, this bright young chav drunkenly blamed Obama for 9/11 after he saw a documentary on it.

I love that he says, “Oh dear, it was me,” when the Bedfordshire fuzz shows up. Hahahahaha!

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The Sun does have a habit of have a habit of sensationalism, but I love their page 3.

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@rts486 Then you’d really love The Star.
Their slogan being, “25 times more tits than The Sun!”

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Sorry – I only overeact to lies and distortions when they come from the liberal press.

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Talk about overkill.

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Assuming that the story is true, I don’t have any problem with telling someone he’s unwelcome on account of his behavior. We do not owe anyone the right to enter our country. It isn’t public property.

There’s no indication that he even wanted to visit the U.S., so where is the issue with that?

If the story is false, it’s a pretty silly thing to make up.

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@Jeruba “If the story is false, it’s a pretty silly thing to make up.”

You don’t get The Sun over there then?
It’s pretty much like The Onion, but less intellectual and with a smaller basis in reality.

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@The_Idler, I don’t know whether we do or not. I don’t know anything about it. Are you saying the story is a hoax? Ok, then.

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The BBC is reporting “the e-mail was full of abusive and threatening language”. It’s the threatening part that got everyone’s interest.

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@rts486 Goes to show you it is not a good idea to drunk dial the President!

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@Cruiser You’re right; I’ll never do it again!

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@janbb I will….I got both him and Pilosi on speed dial!!

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@The_Idler @Jeruba We don’t get The Sun over here in the States. It’s actually much more like National Enquirer, as The Onion is actually a satire paper, not a tabloid.

@Cruiser Now we have to make sure to not drunk email as well.

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@papayalily I know. It was a joke. Did you really think I needed to be told that The Onion is satirical?

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@The_Idler Oh, I didn’t catch that.

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The Brit should not be banned and should be given a parade.

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