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Do I need visa to visit UK?

Asked by maksim (5points) August 17th, 2010

I’m a holder of Alien’s Passport of Estonia and have no citizenship of any country. Although I have permanent residence of Spain, because I live and work here.

My company wants to send me to a conference in october and I’m trying to find information if I need to get visa to enter UK or I can enter without it because I’m a permanent resident of EU?

Thanks in advance!

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“Do You Have a Recognised Passport?
Some categories of people will always require a visa to come to the UK. They include stateless people, people who hold a passport issued by an authority which is not recognised by the UK and people whose passport or other travel document does not give them the nationality of the country which issued it. ”


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What do you mean you’re not a citizen of any country? Why did Estonia issue you a passport, then?

Anyway, if you were considered an Estonian citizen, you would not need a visa.

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Any permanent resident of the EU with proof of this (passport for example) can enter the UK without a visa.

(so your a Spanish citizen then with Spanish citizenship – nice to know you finally do have citizenship of a country eh ;) )

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@Tobotron I don’t know the rules for all countries, but in many, you can be granted permission to live and work there, but it doesn’t make you a citizen. Some countries will grand dual citizenship, while others may require that a person relinquish their original citizenship.

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Yeah, it does not sound like @maksim is a Spanish citizen. I have never heard of someone not being a citizen of at least one country, but I guess theoretically it can happen.

I would recommend calling the airlines or immigration in the UK. Maybe since you are a permanent resident of the EU, that paperwork will be sufficient, in leiu of a passport.

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@bob_ I’m not considered an Estonian citizen, I do not have citizenship at all. I’m a holder of “Aliens passport”:'s_passport

I found out that I will need to apply for visa, although, because of permanent residence of EU, this would be quick and easy.


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