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Do some Dominicans or any kind of Hispanic families celebrate in a different cultural way when a baby is born or have a holiday when one is born?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 13th, 2010

I mean like when a girl turns 15, christianing,and such gatherings like that somewhat like a baby shower?

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I think its more of a personal thing. But sweet 15 is celebrated by some. However many girls today perfer to celebrate their 16th along with other class mates turning 16. I was born and raised in the states so I celebrated my 16th.
Christenings are also different. Depends what faith you are.
Baby showers are the same as any other. Only difference is I remember growning up, the shower was held after the baby was born. But that may have been because no one knew the sex before the birth. Now you know months ahead. Some women don’t want a shower before the birth because they think it will jinx the baby. But I couldn’t say if that was a hispanic thing or just a nervous mom thing.

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