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Could you describe the deepest sense of connection you have experienced?

Asked by wundayatta (58635points) September 14th, 2010

Whether it is with another person, or a sense of connection with something larger than yourself, or a connection with the all, or a connection with yourself or a connection with something else, what happened that lead up to the experience and what did the experience feel like?

I’m more interested in the process leading up to the experience than I am in descriptions of the feeling of the experience. This is because the experiences themselves usually happen in a space beyond words, and it is very difficult to find words to describe them. Most people resort to cliches. But if you can do a good job of conveying the experience, go ahead; otherwise please describe the process leading to the experience.

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I have to say the birth of my first child. It is impossible to describe to someone who has not had the experience, but the moment your become a parent (not just a parent to be, but immediately after the successful birth of a new independent human being) you suddenly connect with this indescribable continuum of life.

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I think you’re going to get a lot of experiences with parents and children or similar, @wundayatta.

Mine would have been with my surrogate mom the day before she died. At one point, as she lay on what would be her deathbed at home, she asked me to come sit with her and chat a while. I ended up letting her hold me like a little kid and we didn’t even have to talk. It was probably the first time in my life I had felt love, storge, in a way that was reciprocal.

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Other than the birth of my children. I would have to say it was one day my husband and I were waiting outside for a cab to go home. We had just gone grocery shopping. The night was cold and windy. The wind cut through your clothing like a surgeons scalpel.
I notice a beautiful full moon. And my husband, just held me in his arms to keep me warm. Everything suddenly seemed so quiet and still. It felt like time itself just froze in the wind.
He felt it also. The night seemed perfect and timeless. We didn’t even notice the cold any more.
Don’t know how long it was. Probably about 15 minutes but it felt as if it was one perfect moment where we froze in time and the world froze with us.

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When my son was very young, he suffered from violent outbursts of anger over the smallest incidents. The only cure was for me to hold him tightly for hours until he tuckered out and fell limp in my arms. At that point, we would stare into each others eyes, and many times I felt as one with him. Sometimes it took three hours of constantly holding him to prevent him from hitting me. I would sing and smile, sing and smile, and tell him how much I loved him and what a great boy he was.

We formed a bond like no other, and he’s turned out to be the most well balanced young teen that I could have ever expected.

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To be factual, I have to say that the most connected I ever felt was under the effect of drugs such as LSD and MDMA (Ecstasy). Probably LSD even more, as it brings with it an especially significant increase in self-exploration.

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When I was in my local astronomy society meeting and listening to a lecture about the New Horizons spacecraft. The audience was peppering the lecturer with a bunch of questions (I was one such person throwing pepper), and I looked around and thought, “We are geeks. Hear us roar.”

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Breastfeeding and seeing my love face to face, for the first time.

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I will have to agree with @YoBob when we had our daughter and I cut the umbilical cord, I at that moment felt a huge connection (she turned out looking more like me) I looked into her eyes and this strange but awesome feeling came upon me, one that I have never felt before. I was staring at mini me. Simply amazing, it took me a couple weeks to sink in that I was responsible for this little helpless thing. What a pleasure it has been so far though!

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What preceptated the experience: I was an alcoholic of the hopeless variety. I was slowly killing myself by drinking huge quantities of alcohol daily. Then it dawned on me that I really was killing myself and that I was miserable beyond belief and that I’d rather kill myself in a quicker way, if something didn’t change.

The experience: I attended a 12-step organization’s meeting and met a man whom I could talk to openly. I told him the process would not work for me, because God hated me since I’m gay. He replied, “Why don’t you make up your own God?” As I was driving home that night, I asked myself what God would be like, if I made one up. Before I could finish asking myself the question, I was immediately filled with something that make my whole body quiver. I knew instantly that I had a higher power. I knew what that higher power’s name was. And I knew that I never had to take another drink again as long as I live, if I didn’t want to.

That’s the closest I have ever been to really knowing that I have a connection, in this case a spiritual one, to something larger than me.

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My grandfather and I shared a connection even though we lived several states away from each other. If he was calling on the phone then I’d know it and likewise for him. We’d take annual roadtrips together and could ride for miles in silence and be so content. If we walked around other people then we could look at each other and kind of know what the other was thinking. We kept this bond until his death. If I was ever in emotional distress then he would call and not have to ask me questions to know I needed some words of wisom and love. I’d never have survived my childhood without him.

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The first time I had an experience that sense of deep connection with all that lives was during an evening spent on top of a massive rock outcropping with my old dog. She and I just watched everything around us for hours and hours Then I fell asleep in my sleeping bag while staring at a billion stars in the sky. That was when I realized that I had the same right to be here as did my old dog, and the trees, and every other living thing on the planet; the very life of creation flowed through the ground, the trees, the plants, the animals, and my veins.

I have never been the same.

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To be honest, it was during sex on Sunday. We’ve just been really close lately, in every way…and it was so beautiful we both almost started crying at the same time. I said, at the time, “i’m never closing my eyes during sex again”...and I probably wont. The look in his eyes is capable of giving me just as much pleasure as any other part of his body.

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I came close to the same sort of experience. It’s like every part of you loves every part of them. That’s a rather pale explanation of an almost spiritual experience.

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@CaptainHarley aww yes exactly! well put.

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@hawaii_jake Just curious. Did you stop drinking? Did you stop drinking drinks you didn’t want to drink? Did you stop wanting to drink?

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@deni thank you so much for inspiring me to have sex with eyes open. I tried that with my partner and whoa!, it’s so amazing, to be doing it gazing at each other. She was ecstatic. Really hot :)

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@rexpresso its fuckin crazy the difference it makes, isnt it?!?! :)

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@deni absolutely totally wow! ;D

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i question this alot. its inexplainable by reason it seems like. i think the environment and culture we were raised and our ancestors have to do with it, especially our more recent ancestors

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