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Youtube Settings Question?

Asked by jgalfer (91points) September 14th, 2010

Is there a way after you upload a video to YouTube to make sure that it can only be watched in the highest quality – I don’t like that the default setting someone can see of a video I uploaded is bad quality. Any ideas?

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I don’t think that’s possible, due to the fact that many people cannot watch videos with higher quality because of older computers.
You can always add an annotation reminding viewers to watch in high quality.

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oh that’s a good idea. i had a feeling that was the case. thanks!

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That is possible in fact. All you have to do is go to your account settings, then playback setup, and in the window there will be a section labeled Video Playback Quality. select always choose the best option for me based on my player size. Then select the box where it says always play HD when switching to fullscreen (when available). This will then play your videos in higher quality but not the ones you already uploaded though. I hope i helped

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