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Do you think I should post on YouTube to make a living?

Asked by luigirovatti (2321points) July 10th, 2020

I’m not entirely serious, just for the record. I must emphasize though that I’m not totally liberalist. I might wanna say anti-liberalist ideas on YouTube, so, I really think I shouldn’t post any videos. So, what do you think about YouTube policies and guidelines?

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Factor in the pros and cons. long as its good feedback fine.
Cons you would be a target ( scams,hate speech,hacking)

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@Inspired_2write: Scams and hate speech I can be fine with, hacking, well, it’s more problematic.

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Why not? Worst case scenario it fails and you have some haters.
Are you goodlooking or entertaining? Are you popular?

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One step at a time. Try part time and see how it works.

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I must stress that I’m not entirely serious doing it, just stating for the record that I want to and ask for your opinion.

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@luigirovatti I am thinking of starting a blog or YouTube video channel too. Just wondering as well. Not serious yet.

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I nearly choked to death while reading this question. It can be really dangerous to browse here while snacking.

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All I’m saying is that your ‘product’ has to appeal to many people to be profitable, guys. Be realistic when it comes to how youtube works.
If you arent talented, entertaing or goodlooking, its probably not going to work out.

Of course if you are fat and eat on camera, maybe you will be successful.
Or model your hairy man feet in pretty high heels.

You have to find your niche to make bank.

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Are you willing to work hard? Youtube is good to you as long as you’re making money for them, but they will turn their back on you in a skinny minute. One thing i have noticed over the years is that as long as you’re in good favor with youtube that they will support your cause & help to make you ritch. On the other side, when they tire of you , your income will be pulled out from under you & there’s not much you can do but to get a real job once again.

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No, I don’t think you should try to make a living at posting on YouTube.

If you aren’t already posting youtube content that attracts thousands of followers, what sort of content are you talking about?

And as mentioned above a few times, youtube can pull the rug out from under you for seemingly capricious reasons, whenever they feel like it. e.g. a LOT of youtubers with historical or hobbyist channels, doing well, lost ALL their youtube income when they yanked add revenue for anything vaguely related to weapons, even slingshots.

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The only reason to try and do that is if you want to starve yourself and get thrown out of your flat.

The chances of any one person making a living from YouTube, especially from having a political page, are extremely small. Keep your day job.

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