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Does Cat Stevens do a version of Cat's in the Cradle?

Asked by mineown (438points) September 14th, 2010

I know its harry chapin but does cat stevens do a version? If so where can i find it?

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I thought he did.

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As you’ll notice from the comments under @weeveeship‘s video, that is actually not Cat Stevens but Harry Chapin.

I’ve been looking but I can’t find an actual Cat Stevens version.

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thats harry chapin, it actually says its harry chapin.

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Misleading Youtube video title…

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I don’t get it. Why would anyone think that it was not Harry Chapin? What? It got the work “Cat” in the the so people think it’s Cat Stevens?

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no. i heard that at one point, the most downloaded version of that song MISTAKENLY named cat stevens as the artist, because someone is retarded and thought since CAT was in both the title and a musicians name, it must be him who sang it. bottom line: its not.

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Not that I can find.

I went to Wiki for his discography, but I’m too lazy to look at all the tracks on the 10 or 20 albums that are listed. :-|

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This is the same people that think Edmond Fitzgerald is a singer.

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