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If all of the bad people on earth just suddenly vanished one day, how many people do you think would be left?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) September 14th, 2010

Not saying how that might happen, just wondering exactly how many people in the world are good people. In your opinion, of course.

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It depends on your defintion of bad people. what makes one person a bad person as compared to another person? need some ground rules in order to make a decision.

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There’s 7 billion on the planet. My unsubstantiated, unqualified guess without defining bad is 5 billion would be left.

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Just you and me, and you’d better not go to sleep.

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Some would be left, mostly children.

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I don’t know. How many babies do you figure are in the world. LOL
Eventually they will starve. So I guess 0.
Now if you mean really bad then maybe ½ of the population would be gone.

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3,764,999,235 give or take a few million

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lets say that the children were gone too. maybe to a different place. (just hypothetically) that would in itself drop the population to at least 4 million. Of those how many do you think would be left?

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@KeithWilson I revised to billions; left off a digit on first estimate World population is close to 7 billion.

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Gosh I would be lonely.

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Define Bad?

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The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You Once Again,
Who’s Bad . . .

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Babies? Shitting, puking, and bawling! There is no good baby. I estimate that there would be between seven and thirteen of us left. And we wouldn’t have to be meek any longer, having inherited the earth.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Dude, children are evil, mean little creatures.

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There would be left a dirty dozen.

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Me and my imanginary friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The house and senate would suddenly become very efficient echo chambers.

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only SANTA knows the real answer :)

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Wouldn’t even make a dint. Most people have “bad” in them but are inherently “good” people. It’s just how the bad manifests itself. Very few folk are all bad & those who are have vanished from society anyway, incarcerated into the penal system. So as I say, the overwhelming majority of the world’s populace would remain intact. Only occasionally transgressing, nothing to right home about.

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I think it would surprise us all how many would remain…there are a helluva lot of good people in this world, we only tend to hear about the bad/negatives unfortunately!

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The majority of the population.

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I think there are far more good people in the world, or at least neutral people, than there are bad. So, most of us would be left.

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I think most of the population who some mighte classify as evil, would be more properly described as misguided. Therefore I would think it would be a majority of the world popuation would survive such a disappearance.

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@bob_ Well, maybe if you stopped torturing them, :)~

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Where’s the fun in that? ~

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