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What is something you always bring on a road trip?

Asked by meagan (4665points) September 15th, 2010

A friend of mine and I are getting ready to take a trip on Tuesday.

I was wondering, what is something that is a MUST for your road trips?

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Clean underware. just kidding! A flash light, a small tool box, and jumper cables.

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Snacks and Beverages. Have fun and don’t forget your camera :)

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iPod, GPS and an esky full of water, apples, diet sprite and whatever else I can find in the fridge to munch along the way.

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My dogs… always… can’t imagine going anywhere without them.

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My car.

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12 volt cell phone charger, 150 Watt power inverter. several water bottles, snacks, paper towels, tools, blanket, cheap styrofoam cooler.

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@Ben_Dover Ganga? The Indian river goddess?

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A good spade, a torch & a watertight alibi.

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There are so many things that i have to take! Tissues, wet wipes or waterless hand cleanser (but these are always in my handbag anyway), food and snacks and drinks, a pillow, a reading book, one of those sunscreen things that you stick to the window to block out some of the harsh sun, music CD’s for the car, a blanket (if it’s cold), maybe a cross work puzzle book. Oh yes, and a camera of course. And these are just the “must haves” for in the car, i haven’t even started on the rest of the trip. :)

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Well, the things I keep in the trunk always:
spare tire, jack and lug wrench
tool kit
emergency breakdown reflector
jumper cables
a bag of road salt
a spare jacket and a set of overalls
rags & plastic bags

And the things I keep in the cabin always:
cell phone charger
GPS (built in)
under-the-seat prybar, where I can reach it in a hurry if I need to (NOT as a ‘tool’)
a walking stick and an umbrella, between my seat and the door so they’re out of the way
a water bottle
the dog’s blanket and a long lead

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Music to jam out too.and a red bull.

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Oh yes, i almost forgot, i also take plastic packets for in the car, so that we have somewhere to throw papers and rubbish during the ride.

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MP3 Player loaded with all my favorites!

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Sunglasses, energy drink, food, and music.

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Books on CD, a pen and note pad for tracking state/providence license plates, change in case there are tolls, driver’s license, AAA and auto insurance cards, hotel reservation number, MapQuest directions to destinations.

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Besides the basic listed above….. a Good Sense of Humor!

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I have a roadside emergency kit that’s always in my truck (it’s actually a tote with a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, a first aid kit, flashlight, orange triangles, blankets, ponchos, and a small tool kit).

For road trips, I always take some snacks and drinks, my CDs, plastic bag for trash, change for tolls, a map, directions, and I always hide a $50 for gas (just in case something happens to my wallet).

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Maps (I don’t drive but I’m a good navigator), snacks and drinks, and a book.

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Washy Wipes

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I can’t believe it took four posts to get to i-Pod. Although washy wipes – good call…

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Music and money ;)

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@iamthemob: Yup. Ya never know when you have to freshen up.

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Condoms, bear spray, and tiki torches.

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Beef Jerky

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Jumper cables, back-up dc power source, shovel, flashlight, bottled water and cell phone.

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